The Big Benefits of Being Outside the Identity Box


What does an identity box looks like?


Have you ever imagined who would you be and how would you behave if you were born in a different country? For example, I am born and raised as a mexican, so: I look like a mexican, I eat lots of chile, I have the typical mexican feistiness, I speak spanish (mexican spanish some people would call it, and particularly I use the northern mexican slang), I like tacos and quesadillas and beans are part of my everyday diet, my body temperature is set to warm, and normal cold can be “too cold” for me; yelling for me is natural, as well as having loud conversations around the table, and we always know what is going on with the neighbors. So many things that make “my identity” are pretty much circumstantial because somehow, by divine calling, I was born in México.


If I was born say, in China, the most probable thing is that most of these things that I consider “Who I am” would be completely different: my looks, my food preferences, the volume of my voice, and even a lot of things that I search for in life, and concepts of what a good life means, all would be completely different. Still, I would still be me. I would still look at myself in the mirror and beyond my appearance I would find “me” beyond my eyes.


The first time I thought of this, I also wondered who I was.  If I am not any of those things, if all those things are variable and dependable solely on something as “random” as the place I grew up in, then, who am I, really? And that´s when my journey of self discovery started.


I figured I couldn´t be anything that changes, since throughout the years of life I´ve had, every time I´ve looked at myself in the mirror, I am always there: regardless of my age, regardless of my body-weight and regardless of my mood. I could change career paths, or relationships, or even cities, and yet, if I looked in the mirror, there I was. So, who am I then?


I noticed that depending on the highs and lows of life, the content of my thoughts would be different, and also, if you pay attention, most the thoughts that exist in your head are a byproduct of the identity you grew to have. Most of the thoughts tell you what you like, what you don´t like, what defines you and what not. Most of the thoughts are built up to confine us into a box called “My identity” or “This is who I am”, and they are designed to keep you in that box, so the thoughts can still be justified.


With Ascension, your limiting thoughts start falling away, revealing authenticity. 

So, when I started Ascending, one of the first things I noticed was that a lot of the limiting thoughts that stopped me from being authentic in the moment, were falling away. I discovered I had a tool, that whenever a thought would rise up saying: “No, I can´t do this, or that”, I would rise beyond it by using an Ascension Attitude, and suddenly I was doing that thing that my mind told me I couldn´t. Same thing started happening with the “I am like this” thought; the “This thing always make me angry" thought; “Things should be this way” thought, etc. Every time one of this thoughts came, I would play with Ascension and experienced what happened. Most of the times, something changed in my approach to the specific circumstance I was facing, and voilá, I started to take different choices in life which took me to different roads, which opened new doors, which created a whole new way of life.


It is so exciting to take this self-discovery path as the most wonderful adventure. Recognizing that most of the thoughts are there as a pattern based on your identity, and that you can jump them by using these meditation techniques called the Bright Path Ishayas´Ascension (I am sure there are other ways and techniques, but for me, these ones were the easiest, fastest and most gentle of them all), started to make my everyday life a fun game. Like being my own game-boy (or DS lite for the newer generations), I had a new toy, and it was built-in already in me. The more limiting thoughts I had, the more I could play the magic wand and experience life and myself change in a matter of seconds!



A path of meditation is not one that will turn you into something you are not. 

So no, meditation is not created for you to stop having thoughts, nor to make you change into this quiet, contemplative individual that doesn´t eat meat, and only listens to tibetan bells (unless that´s who you really are.) On the other side, it won´t make you be this flaky human being with no essence that pretty much does everything and has no defined sense of being. Not at all!! Of course there are some aspects of you that will be part of your real flavor, of your real essence, but sometimes the real you can be buried so deep inside your “identity” that you might be the funniest person in the world, and right now you feel totally miserable. Ascension, really, is designed as a tool so you can jump this thoughts that tell you “who you are” and discover the true essence in every moment.


Every time you “jump” one of these thoughts, you sink more and more into the Real you. Without effort, without trying to find your True Self. Every time you choose for an Ascension Attitude, instead of choosing the usual road of believing a thought, you go (wether you are conscious of it or not), into a deep silent space where the Source of everything lies.


You know how it´s said: “We are all one?”  Well, this is it. Everyone´s essence is the same: Stillness, Peace that never ends, Infinite Love, or however you want to call it; And it´s waiting inside of you to discover it, to play in it, and to express itself through your own flavor.


The practice requires being active with it. 

So, if you already practice Ascension, use it with your eyes open and be very active with it! Notice when you believe your thoughts, take a different choice, and watch, see what happens (no expectations required). Use your own private game and see how many things you can discover in one day, how many different turns you can take, how many things you allow yourself to say, how many emotions you allow yourself to express, or to let go off without drama. Experience it, it truly works. It´s up to you to make this the funnest game ever or to simply be bored with your life. If you do not know how to Ascend, what are you waiting for? 


And who knows? You might discover one day, very soon, that your highest desire (may it be Love, Peace, Freedom, Truth, Fulfillment) not only lives within you at all times, but that you ARE your highest desire. You already are that which you seek.


Great article. What is the name of the person who wrote it?
Thanks for your feedback Martin, the article was written by one of our teachers from Mexico. Her name is Maharani. Glad you enjoyed it.
This is great! I love how playful you write Maharani!! I'm gunna play too!! Thanks!
I loved this and I read it with a smile on my face. Thank you, Maharani x

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