the 200% advanced day - hungerford - newbury, United Kingdom

Fecha: Sábado 13 Abr 10:00 al Sábado 13 Abr 05:00
Horario: 10 till 5
Maestros: Maharati y Arjuna
Contacto :
Teléfono: +447884430565
Precio: £80
Idioma: English


Join Maharati Ishaya, creator of The 200% Club and Arjuna Ishaya, author of 200% An Instruction Manual for Fully Living for this very special one day event.

Whether you’ve been practicing ascension meditation for eons or days, there’s always more to discover when you fully give yourself to your inner experience. Then, we get to play like the unborn children we really are in the outer experience.

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