advanced course - bury st edmunds, United Kingdom

Fecha: Sábado 1 Jun 10:00 al Domingo 2 Jun 17:00
Horario: Saturday + Sunday 10am-5pm
Maestros: Meera y Chandramani
Contacto :
Teléfono: 07811 324632
Precio: £80 for 1 day, £140 for the weekend
Idioma: English


Ascension is an accumulative practice.

The more you commit and use your ascension attitudes and the more you attend courses or meetings, the more peace, joy, love, clarity and freedom you will get in your everyday life. 

Advanced courses are designed to give you exactly what you need right now. They help you clear up doubt, become more familiar with the stillness within and bring realisations that give you a clearer understanding and insight into how your mind is complicating matters.

This course will simplify everything for you. Bring you back to basics and discover how easy and graceful life can indeed be when we choose for this moment, rather than thinking. And how to recognise the difference.

There are many subtle traps that can trip us up on this path to waking up to our true self. We can share our experience and discoveries so it will be even easier and more simple for you to navigate them.

In short, let's come together and raise consciousness another notch or two! And have fun while we do it....

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