advanced weekend with residential option - skipton, north yorkshire, United Kingdom

Fecha: Sábado 10 Ago 10:00 al Domingo 11 Ago 17:00
Horario: Saturday + Sunday 10.00am-5.00pm
Maestros: Maya y Maitreya
Contacto :
Teléfono: 07908643010
Precio: 1day £80.00 2days £140.00 Residential option: 1night+meals £60.00 2nights+meals £115.00
Idioma: English



Simplicity and Magic


Maya and Maitreya invite you to a weekend of Ascending, inspiration, laughter and perhaps even a bit of magic!


As we walk this path of awakening it becomes simpler and more magical as we let go of more and more of our limitations and discover the Divine within. There may be bumps along the way, but with a bit of help and our own inner dedication, we can find peace, true happiness and ultimately unite with the Divine. 


Being still now is the simplest of things, however sometimes we complicate it, and helpful reminders are invaluable. Remembering not to take it all too seriously, to relax, and to laugh, can make the world of difference. As we fall deeper into our experience the magic of life becomes more apparent, and our enjoyment of it too.

Our Teacher's Teacher, M.S.I. once said, "The world is built on magic, not rocks." We invite you to discover this with us.



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