ascension for emotional and physical pain - worthing, west sussex, United Kingdom

Fecha: Sábado 30 Mar 10:00 al Sábado 30 Mar 17:00
Horario: 10.00-17.00
Maestros: Chandramani y Darshana
Contacto :
Precio: £80.00
Idioma: English


Part of our journey on this mad rollercoaster we call life, is pain. Emotional, physical, psychological. It is unavoidable but many of us still try to run from it. “What’s that?” the mind will say. “It hurts!! Abort! Abort!” 

It is the mind’s job to protect us from pain. But what if the avoidance of pain actually prolongs or even creates our suffering? What if we could experience freedom whilst going through pain? Wouldn't that be something worth discovering?!

This Advanced Ascension course is an opportunity to explore these possibilities in a supportive and reflective environment.

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