first sphere [english] - barcelona, Spain

Fecha: Viernes 31 Mayo 18:30 al Domingo 2 Jun 17:00
Horario: Fr 19:00-22:00, Sa+So 9:30-17:00
Maestros: Bhujagendra y Nandasena
Contacto :
Teléfono: +44 7400 232 150
Precio: EUR 350 (320 until 19th April)
Idioma: English


Course fee includes:

  • Tuition by two teachers, Fr.-So. according to the programme
  • Water, tea and fruits during the course
  • 6 weeks intense support following the course
  • Life-long support by all Ishaya teachers worldwide
  • Possibility for unlimited repetition of the course for free, worldwide

(In case the course fee exeeds your financial means, please get in touch. If you are able to pay more, you will help others to join.)


The Bright Path Ishayas' Ascension

The Bright Path Ishayas' Ascension is for anyone seeking inner peace, happiness, freedom from stress, and a living experience of love, presence and oneness.

Most of us only know ourselves as a bundle of thoughts, beliefs, opinions and judgments. These are the source of all of our stress, limitations, problems and suffering.

Beyond the constant chatter of the surface of the mind, is an endless wellspring of Peace, Joy, Creativity and Freedom. Ascension is a tool to help you access these wonderful states as a direct, living experience. This Teaching offers a very rare opportunity to experience what it means to be truly alive.

Because you can be free from ...
Stress. Separation. Self-Violence. Anger. Anxiety. Frustration. Discontentment. Sadness. Shyness. Self-Doubt.

You can gain more ...
Contentment. Confidence. Clarity. Rest. Purpose. Empowerment. Intuition. Creativity. Love. Wonder. Joy. Connection. Freedom. Presence. Awareness. Oneness.

Other benefits include:

  • The techniques ...
    • ... can be used eyes open and closed
    • ... are mechanical and involves no belief
    • ... are available to people of all lifestyles and cultures
  • Guidance from experienced teachers
  • Lifetime support and community
  • You can repeat the Ascension 'First Sphere' Course as often as desired, anywhere in the world, for FREE!

During 'The First Sphere' you will learn four techniques called Ascension Attitudes, which are based on Praise, Gratitude and Love. They are effortless to use, yet powerful to practice. Like the thousands of people who have already learned, we are sure you will find The First Sphere course to be simple, relaxing and fun.


  • Introduction to The Ishayas’ Ascension
    Discover what Ascension is and the invitation it offers to a completely different way of living.
  • Learn the Praise Ascension Attitude
    You will be able to Ascend and experience the benefits right away!


  • The Mechanics of Ascension
    How it really works and what is happening to create the experiences we have. This part of the course makes it clear that nothing can limit the power of this practice.
  • Learn the Gratitude Ascension Attitude
    Another tool to go beyond limitation, this time related to the physical experience.


  • Learn about states of consciousness
    This is what Ascension is all about
    ! Higher states of consciousness are not only real; they are available to anyone. During this part of the weekend, you will see the potential this practice has to completely transform your experience of life.
  • Learn the Love Ascension Attitude
    Many people find this the most beautiful, most relaxing and impactful of all the Attitudes so far.


  • Cognition Technique
    On the final day, you will receive the most powerful of all the four techniques.

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