The One Obstacle to Ongoing Peace


We live, whether we know it or not, at the most important and exciting juncture in the modern history of humanity. There is a movement occurring at the very core of consciousness as it plays out here on Earth. There is a restlessness growing in virtually every human heart, heard as a subtle call to return home to the Truth of who we are. Many have already noticed this call and it has lead to a shift in awareness and a desire to share that awareness with all who would listen. A great number of teachings and practices have surfaced in response to this call, which we collectively refer to as the New Age Movement. Most of these, however, eventually lead to dissatisfaction and a continual searching as they fall short of the depth of what we inherently know is our destiny.


Humanity is trying to awaken, but awaken to what?

“Be here now” the teachers of enlightenment tell us, “The doorway to your freedom is the present moment.” We have all had experiences of the perfection of the present moment, when all thoughts of past and future have dropped away, leaving only the Divine Peace of the Now. These experiences are usually random, however, and just as randomly, the curtain seems to fall as the mind is drawn back into the constant chatter of past and future. The experience of bliss, love and peace would apparently be preferable to the normal waking state perspective, so why does it seem somehow impossible to maintain it?  Many of us know, at least intellectually, that pain and suffering are unnecessary, that we were born to live in freedom and perfect union with the divine, but somehow we fall back into the old patterns of doubt, fear and judgement. The peace that we truly desire seems to be constantly just beyond our grasp, like the proverbial carrot dangling eternally just beyond the nose of the donkey. The more we desire it, the further from us the dream seems to slip.


The natural laws of creation are constantly trying to fulfill our desires. Unfortunately the waking state mind presents such conflicting streams of thought that it is virtually impossible for the Universe to bring us what it is we truly desire.  Even if we know that what we truly desire is union with the divine source of All That Is, We have become conditioned to believe that it must be a hard task. It is common to believe that Divine Peace is reserved for those with the discipline to live an austere life, or even that we do not deserve it at all, that it is impossible for someone living a “normal” life. All of this is completely untrue.


Human beings are born in touch with the divine.

One of the most attractive things for adults about infants and small children is how completely present they are. There is little or no thought about the past or future, just a glorious, innocent experience of right now.  We know in our hearts that this experience does not have to vanish with childhood, but we spend our lives accumulating untold amounts of judgement and belief about who we are and how we relate to our world. Most of these beliefs are counter- productive in our search for peace.  They are mostly based in unworthiness, fear and doubt. It is these beliefs that weave the very fabric of our separation from our True Nature. Our thoughts have a remarkably powerful effect on our bodies. These downward spiraling thoughts eventually mirror in our bodies as disease and untimely death.


Awakening to the most Natural of States is not an effort. All we need do is stop blocking our own innate connection with the Divine. Your enlightenment is not a discipline, it is a flowering from the inside out. Enlightenment is your Natural state, regardless of your walk of life, background or belief.  There is nothing you can do to make yourself enlightened. The only thing you can do is to get out of the way and allow the Natural unfolding of Consciousness to occur.


All we need do is stop choosing for the downward spiraling habits of condemnation, judgement and limitation and begin to choose for the Ascending and infinitely expanding waves of reality rooted in Praise, Gratitude and Love.  Enlightenment is a movement of Grace from the divine, a flowering from within, it is not the result of human effort.


Believe it or not, erasing the habits of a lifetime is surprisingly simple. The Natural tendency of your mind is to rest in the perfect peace of your own True Nature. All that is required is to let go, to release the literal death grip we have on our thoughts and feelings and float free in the eternal bliss of the now.  There is no trick to it. No certificates or awards are given, and there is no-one to whom this is more available than anyone else.  Reality is not democratic, and shows no favorites!


As simple as this choice may be, human consciousness has become so embedded in separation that effectively choosing for true freedom has become all but impossible. For this reason, throughout history, the Sages have maintained a pure teaching of the path of return to our True Nature. These Sages are simply known as the Ishayas. Ishaya is a word in the most ancient of languages, Sanskrit, which literally means “For Consciousness”. The Ishayas’ teaching is called, in English, Ascension. Ascension has many connotations, but it simply means “to rise beyond”.  The Ishayas’ Ascension is a simple, mechanical belief free tool to do exactly that, to consistently choose for the peace that lies eternally just beyond the surface level of the mind.  The techniques of the Ishayas offer anyone, of any background, religion or culture the opportunity to Ascend, or rise beyond, the entire limiting structure of the waking state mind and link awareness to the very source of existence itself.


The equation is simple:

Choose for the habits of your chaotic mind and continue to live in a reality resembling an uncertain roller-coaster of ups and downs, pleasure and pain (mostly the latter).  Or give it all up and open the door for consciousness to enter in and consume you in the Peace that passeth all understanding. The endless bliss of the Ascendant One is eternally waiting for you to turn back and embrace the Truth of who you are.  Each time you do so your nervous system refines more and more completely and the ground is prepared for consciousness itself to become your very identity. It’s a simple choice. The effects of that choice reach far beyond the individual. When we enliven consciousness within ourselves we bring that reality closer for everything in creation. A choice for your own Peace is a choice for the Peace of all mankind.


So the only question remaining is what are you choosing for? How One Pointed can you be in your desire to be free?  Once you realize that there is a purpose to your existence, how much longer will you compromise what your heart has been longing for throughout aeons of time?  Freedom is a choice away and the time to make that choice is Now. 

Miracles await!


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Narain has been teaching Ascension since 1998. He currently teaches at the Mastery of Self course. He lives with his wife, his daughter and their very conscious dog in the mountains of Spain.