What All of My Heroes Have in Common


Now, more than ever, the world needs Heroes.

It has been said that one of the main reasons that humanity, particularly in the West, has lost direction and purpose, is that Myth has died in our culture. There are no more stories that sing to the deepest desire in a human soul, no more tales which not only capture our imagination, but bring to life at an experiential level a Truth that lies dormant within our very DNA, a Truth of human history and potential.


These Myths not only enliven the potential for greatness, but somehow enliven the remembering within that it is YOU whose destiny is being sung, it is YOUR potential being modeled by the heroes of the lore. With the death of myth, automatically follows the death of true heroes. As a result the Heroes which generations have increasingly been given are a mediocre lot, caught unwilling in a battle between human frailty and circumstance, more often than not losing to the former.


When I was young, my heroes were always those who did whatever it took for the betterment of their fellow man.

Whether it be my comic book heroes, movie champions or great historical souls like Jesus or Buddha, there was always something that became enlivened within me at the feats of these people. It was the excitement of knowing that what I was seeing was more than an example, it was an invitation, an invitation to become as they were. Not in terms of the superhuman powers (although part of me also knew that it was possible to experience even that) but I always knew somewhere just below, and sometimes at, the surface of my mind that this life’s truest joy, in fact ONLY joy, was to live in service to others. All of the confusion of my life, all of it, was due to the fact that while there was this huge desire to serve in the highest possible way, yet I had no idea how to do that. The mind always immediately moves outward looking for the “doing-ness” to every movement of consciousness.


The most direct path to an experience of the absolute reality, the path which best describes the practice of the Ishayas’ Ascension, has been called many things. In the Vedic literature it is called the Path of the Sages. I like to refer to it as the Path of Heroes. It takes a truly heroic soul to one-pointedly decide to consecrate their life to Truth as a living experience. Heroic not because it is a difficult or arduous task, although there are volumes written about why it might be so. Heroic because it takes a life lived for the glory of the individual and surrenders it to the glory of all of humanity. It surrenders life ultimately to the glory of God.


The life of every human being leaves a permanent imprint on the consciousness of all of humanity.

Every moment of your life has always affected everything forever. The most powerful way that anyone can serve, not just humanity but ALL of creation, is to permanently expand their consciousness. As your consciousness expands to encompass more and more of the Truth of who you are,your impact on the consciousness of all of Creation becomes increasingly profound. Once you see clearly that it is attachment to the movements of the mind that pull you out of your Peace, it is truly heroic not to continue to give those movements any attention, but to surrender all of the belief in limitation to an experience of Divine Love.


If you could experience, just for one moment, the profound impact you have on the whole of creation just by choosing for unchanging Peace rather than self indulgent thought, you would never put your attention anywhere else again. Just by choosing for an Ascension Attitude right now, you impact everything forever. You bring humanity one step closer to reclaiming it’s birthright as the jewel in the crown of creation. Simply by surrendering all of your involvement in random thought, feeling and action just for one second, you help to heal the world. As a by-product, life begins to flow, and you get to live in increasing Joy, increasing Peace, increasing Love, increasing Freedom. Your life becomes infused with a more and more stable direct experience of the presence of God.


It’s not that the presence of the divine is increasing, for it was always full and whole and complete, but awareness of that One Truth increases as we release our grip on a separate identity. The Ascension Attitudes do this mechanically, so long as you are willing to choose for them. Along with adequate guidance, Ascension as taught by the Ishayas is a flawless science of Self-realization.

So, are you willing to give up the romance with thought?

Are you willing to use the glorious tools that the Ishayas have brought forth once again into the world? With just a handful of committed souls we will not fail in manifesting the vision that the Sages have held for humanity for eons. Believe it or not, it is for this reason that you came into being. It is for this purpose that you were born.


Positions vacant…Apply within.



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Narain has been teaching Ascension since 1998. He currently teaches at the Mastery of Self course. He lives with his wife, his daughter and their very conscious dog in the mountains of Spain.