Peace vs. Suffering - is it Really a Choice?


What if you were given the choice to live a different life?

 Whenever you would make this choice, you would be completely immersed in endless Peace, your heart would be singing in bliss, and the whole universe would be joyfully celebrating your return. At the same time, Human Consciousness would move closer to Peace, closer to the return of knowing the Self, because of you making this choice.


Would you be willing to make this choice?

And what if at the same time, making this choice means that you have to let go of all the control in your life?

 What if you had to give up all the attachments and old beliefs, to clearly experience that the huge universe is presented to you through the natural flow of Consciousness? In order to completely recognize that you are Peace itself, the ego must die.


If you want to experience the fullness of Peace, you have to be willing to let go of the following: “I am angry right now, peace can wait!” “I am having a bunch of chaotic thoughts again, I can’t find peace!” “I have to prove that I am right first, I am still arguing with him, afterwards I´ll choose for Peace!” “I am having a headache, I don’t feel well, there can´t be Peace right now.” “I, I, I…” No, No, No. You simply cannot experience peace and make a big deal of your apparent suffering at the same time. It is either one, or the other.  This is like saying, “Dear Peace of Humanity, would youwait for a second? I have to deal with this mathematical formula right now, to gain some intellectual understanding, then I´ll choose for Peace."


Choosing for Peace means completely letting go, including the part of you that believes is suffering, because believing in suffering is also an attachment. Choosing for Peace means choosing to wake up, wake up from the unreal, temporary illusion.


It doesn´t mean that we have to have no thoughts in order to experience Peace; yet, it is by detaching from thoughts that we will experience Peace. It is not about waiting for freedom so that suffering ends; it is by detaching from suffering that we can become free. Waking up is not a passive wait. Actually it is by facing your addiction to thoughts and your attachment to suffering that you can open up to a different level of living and Peace. It is an active choice in every moment, it is about how you want to create your life.

What is suffering? Suffering comes from identifying with attachments and beliefs.

Why does it cause pain? Because reality crashes with them, creating duality;  "Why is this happening to me?" "This shouldn´t be like that" "I want this to be different" . The individual "me" is created through our belief system, thus impeding us to experience reality as One. 

The One is omnipresent, and it is formless. It exists within you. And it is the Source of Peace, Freedom, Love and Joy.

Everything comes from it, flows within it, and ultimately dissolves back into it. All that we know: all sounds, colors, forms, all flowing thoughts, emotions, visions, all become tiny and unimportant within the vast Silence. Silence alone exists, and you are the Silence itself. And since it is formless, it will never get hurt, impossible to suffer; it is the One, perfectly existing.


But people are so used to the experience of duality; used to be angry, to be miserable and depressed, not noticing that there is a part of themactually enjoying it all, enjoying this game of illusions, and even finding ways to beautify the pain. They are so good at being frustrated by certain words, annoyed by certain things, drowning in certain situations and feelings. Just like having an addiction, feeling proud of their titles. “I am that kind of guy, I graduated from such and such school, I am working in so and so company…” People collect their identifications, sculpturing themselves into a certain image (including those images of pain and anguish), to fill up all the empty times, still searching for happiness on the outside.


And even if they ever accidentally bumped into The Truth in some strong circumstance, the reaction usually is: to fear and hide. To settle themselves into somewhere safe, watch the situation from far way, making sure that it would not mess up their life’s routine, when really Life is inviting them to step through their beliefs to discover something even greater.


The only true confirmation is experience. 

So whenever I am giving an Ascension Introductory Talk,  and I tell them with excitement that life can be lived in endless joy and happiness, sometimes they frown and ask me seriously, “Then wouldn’t I loose my emotions? Am I not then becoming a cold-blooded animal?” “I love peace, but I also think that pain is necessary, it will help me learn.” They are afraid to loose the familiar; they protect every single thing that they are familiar with, constantly making all kinds of questions to me just to make sure that they won’t disappear into the vastness of Peace. Thus in every intro talk, I seems to be needing to answer, yet again, the same question, “After Ascension, can I still drive?”


This is like having a feast of immense beauty and splendor; the whole table is filled with fresh, rich and dainty delicacies.  Everyone is enjoying the food with great appetite and relish. You however, are staring from the side, ignoring the fact that you have been starving like nothing else, and turn to the person besides you, who is eating and ask, “Is it good?”

Your questions become more and more professional, like a best-seller journalist, inquiring with all the people around the table, who are actually eating, to give you more information on the delicacies: “How does it taste like? Is the texture smooth and silky? Does the fragrance explode in your mouth? Does this feast make you delighted? Wouldn’t eating this much cause you diarrhea?”

Somebody hears your stomach growl and ask you with great curiosity, “Don’t you want a taste? You don’t have to ask, just have a bite and you will know!” And you just smile and answer with great sense of responsibility, “I have to confirm it with everyone at least once.”


Confirmation, Confirmation, confirmation. You might even publish a detailed epicurean book for good food, and feeling proud of yourself that you have known everything about food from A to Z. No, I can "confirm" you right now that the only way to know, is to take a bite yourself. There is no other way. But for most people, the act of tasting is more like a free falling experience – you have no idea what is going to happen.

You can only give all that you think you have back to the Divine Peace.


Choosing for peace is like an endless free fall.

 it is so fast that it’s like eternally stopping in this instant; and this instant, infinitely expands to Eternity. Within this Divine Peace you can’t hold onto anything, any holding on will be absolutely difficult. You can only be empty, let yourself being stunned in the unmovable peace.


Do not be afraid of adventures. Do not be afraid of making the first step of your life. You won’t loose anything; you will only recognize that you have never owned anything, any beliefs, knowledge, or thoughts…in the first place. Do not be afraid of putting down all that heavy baggage, it won’t change anything, except that you will recognize that the baggage doesn’t exist in the first place. Surrender all that you think you know, all that philosophy and revolutions that you are proud to have, to the boundless One. You can’t gain anything by attachment or holding on; it is only by continuously emptying your cup that you can gain the unlimited wisdom of the One.


Only by jumping bravely you can rise beyond. Choosing for your true nature moment to moment, exploring the peace and silence deep within. You will see everything within.


Every moment is a brand new start; every present moment is fresh, interesting and fascinating. You have no time to look back; once you look back, you’ve missed something. Life is continuously unfolding in this way; more peace, more awareness, and more wonders.


And then just like enjoying a great feast, life can be innocent, simple, happy, freeing, and pregnant with infinite potential. Don’t wait, only you can make this choice, and when you make this choice in every moment, you are allowing humanity to, again and again, move closer to the awakening of Consciousness.


Splendid adventures one after another, breaking the old behavior patterns of the mind again and again, jumping out of your firm beliefs again and again, let go again and again. Let go, then you will discover that you have owned the vastness of the Universe.


Just with the courage to let go of the suffering and choose for peace, will allow you to live the fullest of life.


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