The Secret to Success is Stillness


Beyond the mind exists a still silent consciousness that holds within it the solution to any mind-made problem.

By solution I don’t mean an answer that comes from clever or positive thinking but a way out of the box of the thinking mind altogether.

Until I knew still silent awareness and the pristine peace, limitless love,  joy and unbounded abundance that it contains, I never felt totally satisfied with the life that I’d worked so hard to build. Always feeling like ‘there must be more to life than this’, I chased goal after goal in the hope that the next tick on the list would bring me true satisfaction. I thought I wasn’t happy yet due to my life not being how I thought it needed to be. I simply hadn’t ever considered that my discontentment could be coming from the fact that I was living lost in my pendulum-like mind – swinging from judgement to judgement – and as a result of this unseen habit, inadvertently missing a huge aspect of my life and my Self.


None of my achievements could ever relieve the eternal itch that something was missing.

I was simply looking for fulfilment in places that it couldn’t be found.

No amount of money can buy you the inner peace and connection, fulfilment and happiness that you naturally and immediately experience when engaging present moment awareness. All these wonderful things are built into the fabric of your conscious awareness. Available to you now, no matter how positive or perfected you make your thoughts, emotions, body and life. Does this sound too good to be true? Keep with me and stay open-minded!

Having been involved in this field of work for a decade, I’ve worked with a whole spectrum of individuals; some of them almost broke, others multimillionaires. Irrespective of the size of their bank balances, however, everyone is equal when it comes to having the same abundant awareness living inside them. The richer folk haven’t necessarily been any happier; they’ve just had different problems to deal with. It’s become clear to me that true success is not measured by external means, but by how calm, contented and connected to your real Self you are on the inside.

During this journey to a new way of experiencing your mind, your Self, and life, I hope you will clearly see that the secret to success is stillness. 



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Sutratman is a best-selling author and creator of several successful healing techniques. He is passionate about peace, pizza and designer jeans.