Rajni Ishaya
  • On: Hirschegg, Àustria
  • Llengua: anglès
  • Email: rajni@thebrightpath.com
  • Telèfon: +44 7749598058

I have a huge curiosity of life, purpose and people! I come from a corporate background of hospitality and have travelled extensively around the world.

After a burnout, I left that old life. 

I spend my time between the UK, France and Austria with my partner and daughter. I also organise my own international ‘Joyful Retreats’ teaching my passions of yoga and breath work. Ascension helps me connect deeper to myself, people and life.

Through this teaching, I’ve discovered that there’s no more searching for that something ‘out there’. It’s all right here in this moment, EVERYTHING I could possibly wish for and more and it’s awesome! I

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