advanced course with residential bed & breakfast option - saffron walden, essex, United Kingdom

Date: Saturday 21 Mar 10:00 to Sunday 22 Mar 17:00
Teachers: Maitreya and Meera
Address: CB11 4XB (map)
Contact E-mail:
Phone: 46843977
Price: £140 for the weekend or £80 for 1 day
Language: English


B&B Residential Option - £55 per night at Elmdon Lee -

What does it take to embrace and enjoy your spiritual path? 

Many of us have a goal of waking up. We believe that once that happens everything will be amazing! However, what we sometimes forget is to enjoy the ride. Ironically, enjoying the ride will lead to a faster awakening! The key to awakening is making the choice to be still now. It helps a lot if we can create a life that supports this choice. Awakening can be quite a journey with its ups and downs, but once you know how, being still now becomes easier and easier.

This weekend we are going to give you hints and tips on the way to make your journey more fun, fulfilling and laughter filled. We are going to focus on how well you guys are already doing, giving you some written exercises, group exercises and a few wee surprises to help you on your way. We will help you to become streetwise about your path and consciousness. Enhancing the clarity, commitment, passion and courage that you already possess. 

You will learn how to take life by the horns and fully live it. And the best part is that you get to make the world a better place too. The world needs peaceful, happy people more than ever, come and play with us. 


Maitreya used to be a stockbroker in London and New York. Stressed out, he quit his job and went searching for peace and happiness. Now he is a writer and inspirational speaker, and has written a book called 'The Broker who Broke Free', about his journey. Maitreya is a very funny guy, who is very serious about not taking life too seriously.

Meera is an experienced teacher who has been teaching Advanced courses all over the UK for many years. Her approach is one of simplicity and authenticity. She is very approachable and down to earth, someone you can be yourself with. Meera teaches with humour, clarity and honesty. You will relax in her presence and discover how easy this path can be. She has a great deal of experience with pain and emotional overwhelm, so if you want to go beyond the pain and emotional reactivity, you're in the right place.

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