dancing in stillness - harrogate / ripon, north yorkshire, United Kingdom

Date: Saturday 7 Mar 10:00 to Saturday 7 Mar 17:00
Times: Saturday 10.00am to 5.00pm
Address: Sawley Village Hall, Sawley, Ripon HG4 3EQ
Contact E-mail: sudevi@thebrightpath.com
Phone: 07725 816186
Price: £75
Language: English


We are all aware of the creative power of dance, dance began as an expression and a celebration of the divine.

True dance comes from stillness. To dance is to be in the presence of the divine in the body, aware of passion, freedom and joy .

In this course we shall see how we relate to ourselves and to the world thorough our body. Where there are limitations about our relationship with our body and how we can be free of this and be more present and more accepting.

Janaki is a dance professional, trained as a dancer and has taught and lectured extensively in dance. She was a founder-lecturer at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and later became the Vice-Principal. She will share her experience and the understanding of the therapeutic nature of dance and the impact of it on the whole being.

Sudevi has come to dance later in life and will share her exploration, beginning from resistance to then finding ease and acceptance and now the passion and joy of dance and will share how this continues to reveal more.

Together our love of dance and our experience as Ishaya teachers will combine to make this weekend a unique way to discover more about yourself and also to enhance your relationship with eyes-open ascension. An exploration of how to be more present in the body through movement and dance.

If you are reluctant about being in a group, this is not about performance but is an opportunity to explore movement, from within. From this to see how we relate to ourselves and each other and how to express this more freely, easily and enjoyably. To go beyond the mind, embracing any issues with the body that may arise and letting them go.

Throughout the day we will combine ascending with gentle, yet innovative, guided sessions of body-awareness, from stillness and through dance and movement. You do not need any dance experience to come to this course, it is all-embracing, for all abilities and physicalities.

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