it may not feel like it...but thoughts are okay! - bridgetown wa, Australia

Date: Wednesday 4 Mar 19:30 to Wednesday 4 Mar 21:30
Times: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Address: 1 Hughes Place
Contact E-mail:
Phone: 0427563027
Price: FREE
Language: English


Our job is not to make our mind quiet but to alter our relationship with it, to allow the space between you and your thoughts to grow.

Ascension allows the body to rest, so it can heal.

Healing is an active process, so stress releases, and because of the mind-body connection, this can look like lots of thoughts!!!

So remember, thoughts are OK. 

All you need is a practice to teach you how to focus on something other than your thoughts!

Come along and discover how.



If you have any questions, the teacher of the course is happy to answer them. Please message the Contact E-mail