live your truth - advanced course with satta ishaya - stockholm, Sweden

Date: Saturday 25 Nov 10:00 to Sunday 26 Nov 17:00
Times: Saturday & Sunday 10.00 am - 5.00 pm
Teachers: Satta
Address: Hälsans Hus, Fjällgatan 23b (map)
Contact E-mail:
Phone: +46730296202
Price: 1800 SEK (188 €) This includes the teaching, snacks and one new Ascension technique, value of 500 SEK (let us know if your next is a cognition technique). When you've registered here and paid the cost you have a spot! BG: 838-5023 /Swish 0730296202
Language: English


Live Your Truth

Join this advanced course with Satta Ishaya! This is the first advanced weekend course in Sweden with a mastery teacher. A rare opportunity not to be missed!

Satta teaches with great clarity, love and directness. She is known for having a great sense of humour, for being courageous and speaking her truth. She lives in Spain with her husband Narain and their daughter and teaches at the Mastery retreat.

An advanced course is something different from a First Sphere course where time is set mostly for the new participants. This weekend has focus on supporting you who has already learnt Ascension and making your experience of inner peace more simple, clear and available. It doesn't matter if you have been ascending one day or many years, this course is for you. 


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