winter ascension retreat 2020 - cober hill, cloughton, scarborough , United Kingdom

Datum: Sonntag 15 Nov 10:00 bis Freitag 20 Nov 17:00
Lehrer: Arjuna und Garuda
Adresse: Scarborough (Karte)
Kontakt E-Mail:
Telefon: 07972 117320
Preis: £535 shared room - £585 Single
Sprache: English


5 Day Winter Ascension Retreat with Arjuna and Garuda.

You are invited to a life transformational retreat. Spend five days exploring the rich clarity of your Awareness, fine tuning your practice of Ascension, experiencing more Freedom, more Happiness, more Beauty, more Peace, and come out ready to live the life you were born to live.

To take a step back and give yourself some days of rest and rejuvenation whilst exploring the vast wonder of your own consciousness is such a gift to give yourself. There are no limits to the discoveries we can have together.

Take advantage of the beautiful and peaceful location, the camaraderie, the powerful yet so simple and clear step-by-step teaching, yoga classes, everything is done for you … you just have to show up and soak it all in. This retreat is for those who have already learnt to Ascend. Experience however – last week or last decade – is no barrier.

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I’ve had an amazing few days and met some amazing people! I’ve come home with a new sense of priority, and I’m feeling so much appreciation!


I don't think I have the words to express my gratitude for the last 5 days, your presence, and this path.


I feel like a new me and that my Ascension practise has dived to new depths. I have finally 'got' eyes open practise (it took me a while!) 


Both your teachings are just amazing and seems to flow and cover what needs to be covered so effortlessly in a way that seems to just resonate and sink in.


I want to express my infinite gratitude for everything, for answering my endless questions, for giving me so much of your time, and for your winks in meetings to say everything will be ok!


Thank YOU for an amazing retreat. Made some lovely friends and re-committed to my eyes closed practice. Venue, food, location by the sea all fab and the three of you are awesome! 


I learned such a lot......I didn't realise just how much until I was back into my usual work life routine! I also met some great people who I hope to stay in touch with.


Thank you so much for the amazing retreat which you created for us, and for sharing your love and compassion with us. It was inspiring and transformational.


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