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Ascension is for anyone seeking inner peace, freedom, and a living experience of Oneness.
The word "Ascend" means "to rise beyond." The Ishayas Ascension is a system that allows
anyone to rise beyond the limiting structure of the mind. It enables anyone to discover the
magic and power of life beyond those limits. It allows one to reconnect with the natural
state of Love, Harmony, Peace, and a clear sense of our Divinity and the Divinity of all things.
There are tens of thousands of people practising Ascension around the world, and
experiencing the benefits it brings.
As we go through life, we accumulate layer upon layer of beliefs about who we are, how the
world is, and what we are capable of experiencing. Some of these things are positive and
help us to function as human beings. We do not need to re-learn how to drive a car every
time we want to go somewhere, for instance. We usually remember which house we live in,
where we work, and who are the members of our family! We learn that to live, we should
avoid falling off a high building or walking in front of a moving vehicle.
Some of the experiences we have, however, lead to us forming beliefs and judgments that
do not lead to us living a fulfilling life. Maybe we learn that love will eventually leave us, or
there is not enough for everyone. Maybe we formulate the belief that we are unworthy in
some way, or that we need to struggle and fight to get what we desire.
Regardless of the specific form, we all develop limiting and even self-sabotaging beliefs.
These beliefs filter our view of reality and define the world in which we live. No matter what
you think, your life is a product of your beliefs.
How can we be free? Even entertaining the possibility of moving beyond these structures of
belief is daunting to say the least. How to identify them? And even if that were possible,
how to let them go?
We can spend an almost infinite amount of time, and the same amount of money, trying to
identify and heal the limiting patterns we carry. Happily, that is not necessary.
The Ishayas teaching of Ascension brings us to an experience of something greater than
those beliefs. It brings into the presence of something infinite, something eternal,
something genuinely Divine. As we touch that, the old beliefs quite naturally lose their grip,
and life begins to change for the better.
Ascension involves a series of techniques called Ascension Attitudes. The Ascension
Attitudes are simple, require no belief, and they work. They are used for some time each
day with your eyes closed, like a meditation. You can also use them throughout the day with
the eyes open.

The techniques return your conscious attention to the present moment, to the stillness and
majesty of awareness beyond thinking, into a space of perfect peace, endless contentment
and truly unconditional love.

The Path of Return

Ascension is sometimes known as the Path of Return, because the Ascension techniques
naturally, effortlessly and instantly return you to your natural state of stillness and
It is also known as the Path of Joy because the techniques are easy to use, and the result is
the maximum enjoyment of life.
People who practice Ascension commonly notice improvements in peace of mind, calmness,
clarity, focus, creativity, relationships, health, sleep, and the overall state of contentment
and happiness. Stresses, worries and fears fall away. Life becomes easier, more open and
more flowing.
Yet Ascension delivers much more. Its purpose is to free you from all of the mind's
limitations, allowing you to experience your true nature and live your real purpose. This
purpose is sometimes known as Enlightenment, or Unity Consciousness, or Samadhi, or the
Peace that Passes Understanding.

The Bright Path
The Bright Path is an international organization, operating in more than 30 countries, with
over six hundred qualified teachers. These teachers have dedicated themselves to sharing
the Ishayas' teaching of Ascension in its purity and simplicity. There are tens of thousands of
people practising the Ascension techniques around the world and experiencing the life-
changing benefits they bring.
The Bright Path Ishayas are dedicated wholeheartedly to helping anyone to discover the
choice for peace, to fulfil their life's purpose, and to find the experience of freedom that the
great sages of history have talked about throughout time: Full human consciousness, or
To achieve this, they use the profoundly simple and powerful techniques of the Ishayas

'Ishaya' is a Sanskrit word which refers to the highest level of human consciousness,
sometimes known as Enlightenment, or Christ consciousness. The Ishayas are an ancient
spiritual order of monks devoted to experiencing higher states of consciousness and helping
others to do the same.
There are currently over 600 qualified teachers based in more than 30 countries around the
world. The Ishayas teach an incredibly simple and yet powerfully effective system of
meditation and self-discovery called Ascension. It is the very simplicity of Ascension,
coupled with the fact that it involves no belief, that makes it such an effective and available
method of releasing us from the mental patterns that limit life.
The teachers of Ascension go through an intensive training period with expert guidance
involving hundreds of hours of Ascending. This training enables them to share the teaching
in its purity, simplicity, and most importantly, from their own direct experience. Ascension is
not an intellectual understanding. Its power comes only through direct experience.
Meditation without experience does not deliver the same kinds of results.
The Ishayas of The Bright Path impart the teaching in an alive and personal way, thereby
enabling those who learn from them to have their own experience of what it means to be
truly free.
The teachers of Ascension are vowed monks of the Ishaya order and take the name Ishaya
in honour of the tradition from which it comes; however, they are not monks as most
people would define it. They live in the world as does everyone else, with homes, families,
jobs and all the wonderful chaos that makes up human life!
The Ishayas live life fully, but with the ability to choose for the profound peace that exists
beyond the limitations of the thinking mind. They deliver the teaching of Ascension from
their own experience; that nothing on the outside needs to change for you to experience
real and abiding peace.
The Ishayas' Ascension is a tool to return the individual life to a direct experience of the
infinite, Silent, creative space that exists within you; The Bright Path is a path that makes it
fast, easy, and enjoyable.

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