Meditation for Purpose and Passion

Meditation for Purpose & Passion

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    As someone who has been using The Bright Path Ishayas' Ascension for over thirteen years, I would definitely say my life's purpose has become very clear to me, and I am certainly not short of passion - quite the opposite in fact! It seems fair to point out though that Ascension has deepened my experience far beyond any forms of meditation I'd tried previously. It's not only capable of connecting you to a sense of peace and increasing your wellbeing, but it goes further, helping you wake up from the limitations of the mind and mapping out a path to freedom. In short, it offers an experience of unity and wholeness. The whole caboodle in the simplest of practices! That was good news for me, or I'd never have been able to stick to it, never mind delight in the exploration of consciousness that awaited me. 

    The topics I'm passionate about are varied; including writing, singing, performing, the environment, nurturing children and expanding consciousness. What I found though is that passionate feelings tend to come and go, especially when the tiredness of being a new mum kicks in, but the commitment I have towards a clear purpose rarely falters, and that drives me on regardless of how I might be feeling.

    Passion and Purpose

    So how has Ascension helped me get clear on my purpose?

    Well, prior to Ascending, I used to wonder how I could have the most significant impact. How could I help the most people whilst doing what I loved? How could we as a species help preserve the planet, knowing too that there was more to life than the status quo? I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to change the world with a piece of theatre or another song, even though you never know how far your message can spread. I was also not arrogant enough, thank goodness, to think I had all the answers. So how was I going to focus all this passion and live my purpose fully? Tricky indeed, and time was always there in the background, ticking alongside this sticky thought I had that I needed to get on with it before I missed the boat!

    The good news for me was that as soon as I learnt to Ascend, the very first time I closed my eyes to use the first technique in fact, I fell into a vast vat of peace. I'd come home. I'd known oneness was possible, but now I could choose for it in an instant! I won't pretend that happens for everyone straight away, but it did for me, and I wanted to stabilise that experience, which the teachers explained was possible. 

    It became very clear to me that my main purpose was to help the expansion of consciousness. Primarily my own, and to serve anyone else I could on that same journey.

    I knew that I wanted to be able to share this teaching with others so more people could see how easy it was to live differently. If everyone could see for themselves that peace is possible in every moment, suffering could end, and no one connected to the stillness and the present moment could hurt another person.

    So I was spurred on to explore and commit to my practice.

    Purpose & Passion 02

    “Passion to a person is what gas is to a car. Without it, you won't go anywhere!”

    ― Alex Haditaghi, Softly, As I Leave Her

    It’s not the what, but the how!

    I had an "aha" moment when I realised that it's not what we do in the world but how we do it. The state of consciousness we are acting from has the greatest impact regardless of the size of the task. Winning an award/campaign/argument from the mind-based state I used to function from, couldn't compare to the impact made by the most simple of tasks if I was fully resting in a state of unity. That impact appears to be far further reaching.

    This was such an awesome realisation to me that all I have to do to align with my purpose is to make the choice to Ascend now. Eyes open or closed, this choice brings me present; frees me from my mind; connects me. It allows me to be still now. To live and act from that expanded space. What a relief! It turns out I don't have to have to win a Nobel Peace Prize or be a household name to have lived my life's purpose after all - phew!

    I remembered throwing myself into past projects where something totally out of my control meant it didn't have the impact I was hoping for and then finding myself with the repetitive thought that I'd not done enough. Or worse still: 'I'm not enough'.

    That is never true for any of us. 

    Now I know living my purpose 100% is so simple. But we can easily miss the significance of this, especially in a world that is so focused on achieving and doing, rather than just being here now.

    Purpose & Passion 03

    Does that mean I've become passive?

    No Way! The more I Ascend, the more passion for life and projects I have. Ascension also helps to release stress, and with less stress in the nervous system, the more joy I experience. It also seems that if I align myself with universal flow, or simply get out of its way, my intuition and clarity of the next step to take is more obvious in any given moment.

    With rest and that connection to peace, I can see more clearly what serves and what doesn't. Both for myself and in the ways I hope to serve others to the best of my abilities too. So I've learnt to allow myself to let go of what no longer serves my purpose, and be gentle with myself in doing so. It's never because I've failed, wasn't passionate enough or that I'm behind schedule. It's because I'm allowing myself to refocus on what serves my highest purpose now.

    Anywhere, anytime, as long as it’s here & now

    I also find myself being passionate about the simple little things and noticing the perfection all around me. I currently spend most of my days with my two-year-old daughter. I've had to let go of the idea that I 'should' be serving on a much larger scale, but our days are full of love, laughter, presence and play. I can live my purpose anywhere, anytime in any circumstance, if I'm giving all of my attention to what's in front of me here and now.

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