The Eternal Question: Who Am I?

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    What are you waiting for?

    What are you waiting for? For Enlightenment to descend upon you, all in the name of Grace? What is Enlightenment? What is spiritual growth?  So many people are enamored with the search for peace, the Path to God, to find spiritual truth.  So many seem more enthusiastic about the next meditation workshop or the latest self-help book. But what if you were presented with the eternal invitation one day? The invitation to be free, to fulfill your heart's longing, and to live life from a state of perpetual awareness, endless peace, and unbounded joy?

    “People want riches; they need fulfillment.” Robert Conklin

    Absolute fulfillment is knocking at the door of every man and woman. It can come in silent whispers or blatant screams, saying, "Wake up!" But we miss it. Very quickly, the mind will think again, with all its doubts. "Spiritual awakening sounds too good to be true," "Maybe next lifetime," "Life's pretty ok right now." We trade our deepest heart's desire for a mediocre life. A life flitted with stress and then happiness, anguish and then maybe momentary peace.

    Understanding vs. Experience

    The eternal question," Who am I?" is not mind-blowing for no reason. Just as the stars go on forever and ever, the idea of infinity is so awe-inspiring that the head cannot wrap itself around that concept. And that is just what the head is for. Concepts. Ideas.

    Thoughts, even noble thoughts such as," We are all one," "There is only Love and Light," are forever going to fall short of direct experience. You can have an ocean of knowledge and only a puddle of wisdom. At some point, all will listen to their hearts and realise that their head is the only one satisfied, but their heart longs for something more.

    "And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?" - Rumi

    We all seem to want the same thing.

    That "something more" is common worldwide.  More Peace.  More Happiness. More Balance and Understanding. I have asked thousands a simple question. "If you had one wish, what would you wish for?" In everyone's beautiful and unique expression, the answer is always something like Love. Union. To know God. To be Free. To wake up. "More money!" Some say laughing. But even then, they realise that deep down, it is only a belief that money brings happiness, and so their underlying wish is still the same: to simply be happy.

    Fortunately, it seems the people of this world are beginning to realise more and more that happiness and well being do not come from the outside. Whereas even ten years ago, many would answer the one-wish question with things like "a better job", "the perfect partner", "more money"; anything on the outside to fill that hole they had on the inside. But now, these are indeed new times. Everyone can feel it. There is a movement happening on Earth within consciousness that especially the readers of this cannot deny. Most people now know that the Truth is indeed within.

    We can have the healthiest of bodies, the best relationship or job, a fat cheque each payday, but where are we inside? Is there a gnawing, sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious, intense emptiness in there? A little or big space crying to be filled up? And no matter how much travel, how many material toys, or sex or partying, is there always only a transitory, impermanent satisfaction?

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    So, there is only one thing to do.

    Only by fulfilling one desire will we ever be truly free. Only by listening to that primal calling within for spiritual awareness, to be free, and most of all, to come HOME, will we ever fulfil our divine destiny. This is the first priority. What comes from there can vary as much as all the different flowers on Earth. Whether it is being a mother, a doctor, a healer, a teacher, a taxi cab driver, at least everyone will be living their deepest hearts' desire.

    Is your heart fulfilled, truly overflowing with the Love of God? Or are you kidding yourself into being satisfied with the sly lies of the mind? Only you can know.

    "Open up your eyes, and look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're livin'?"

    Bob Marley sang this simple tune, and yet it is profound. Being 100% honest, are you satisfied? Is every breath you take a miracle? Is your heart so filled with Bliss that it feels as though you'll burst? Do you see beauty everywhere? The search for answers to these questions is the root of spiritual practice. You deserve this. It is everyone's birthright to experience continual, uninterrupted peace. Not only when you close your eyes for meditation each day, but every waking, sleeping and dreaming moment.

    "Impossible" may say the mind. Yet in the briefest of quiet moments, inside we know this possibility to be a True Reality. Not as something saved for a special select few, but every practitioner, every doctor and homemaker and plumber and business person. For you reading this right now.

    Spiritual growth is one of the great benefits of meditation practice, especially Ascension. As a practice of meditation, Ascension really has no other other purpose.

    So live it. Fulfil the aeons of your soul's longing and look within. It will forever be the only way to "satisfy the life you're livin."

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