Heroes Wanted ... Apply Within

Now, more than ever, the world needs heroes.

By Narain Ishaya

It is said that one of the main reasons that humanity, particularly in the West, has lost direction and purpose, is that myth has died in our culture. There are no more stories that sing to the deepest desire in a human soul. There are no more tales which capture our imagination and bring to life as an experience, a truth that lies within our very DNA, of human history and our Divine potential.

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    These Myths not only revitalise the potential for greatness but somehow enliven the remembering within that it is YOU whose destiny is being sung, it is YOUR potential and true nature being modeled by the heroes of the lore.

    With the death of myth, automatically follows the death of true heroes. As a result, the Heroes which successive generations have are a mediocre lot, caught unwilling in a battle between human frailty and circumstance, more often than not losing to the former.


    Children understand

    When I was young, my heroes were always those who did whatever it took for the betterment of their fellow man.

    Whether it be my comic book heroes, movie champions or great historical souls like Jesus or Buddha, there was always something that became enlivened within me at the feats of these people.

    It was the excitement of knowing that what I was seeing was more than an example; it was an invitation. It was an invitation to become as they were. Not an invitation to have the superhuman powers that some of them displayed (although part of me also knew that it was possible to experience even that!), but I always knew somewhere just below, and sometimes at, the surface of my mind that this life's most genuine joy, in fact ONLY joy, was to live in service to others.

    Somewhere within me was an understanding that this invitation was also about spiritual awakening and self realisation. I had heard the word enlightenment. it was a concept that I didn't understand, and yet the calling in my heart was never far away. I always felt like I was living in a dream world, and what I wanted was awakening.


    True spiritual practice is the heroes' path

    The Heroes' journey is a mystical journey. It is an inner path of transcending limitation and discovering the experience of Divinity that exists within every human. It is the path of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

    The most direct path to an experience of the absolute reality, which best describes the practice of the Ishayas' Ascension, has been called many things. In the Vedic literature, it is called the Path of the Sages. It has been called the path of self awareness, the path of self realisation, and the quest for enlightenment and awakening. In some places it has simply been called The Way. 

    The Ishayas like to refer to it as the Path of Heroes. It takes a genuinely heroic soul to one-pointedly decide to consecrate their life to Truth as a living experience. This is not because it is a difficult or arduous task, although there are volumes written about why it might be so. It is Heroic because it takes a life lived for the glory of the individual and surrenders it to the glory of all of humanity. It offers life ultimately to the glory of God.

    We cannot do it by ourselves

    It all sounds good, doesn't it? The big question is how? How do you take personal growth to that level? How do we move beyond the concepts of spiritual enlightenment and the experiences of the waking state mind, into a direct experience of unlimited consciousness? No amount of understanding will take you to that state. To discover Consciousness beyond identification with the ego requires an awakening, and that is the purpose of spiritual practice, and in particular, of meditation.

    Meditation and spiritual practice are often thought of as stages or steps towards something far away, a necessary process of moving towards a goal that will probably never come. This is only because the experience of enlightenment and state of spiritual awakening are not a clear experience for most teachers, and so the way becomes more of a spiritual concept than a living experience. This is the difference between philosophy and understanding, between religion and true spirituality. The difference is quite simply making the shift from the concept of spiritual enlightenment to the experience.

    By learning the Ishayas' Ascension, you are learning a meditation which immediately begins to make that shift of awareness. It immediately brings the attention from identification with the ego mind into an experience of consciousness beyond the waking state. The more it is practiced, the more clearly your true nature is revealed. This is the experience that the word enlightenment points to. This is awakening and this is the spiritual path.

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    What is the impact of enlightenment?

    The life of every human being leaves a permanent imprint on the consciousness of all of humanity.

    Every moment of your life has always affected everything, because in consciousness everything is connected. The most powerful way that anyone can serve, not just humanity but ALL of creation, is to expand their consciousness permanently. 

    As your consciousness expands to encompass more of your true nature, the more powerfully you impact all of creation. Once you see that it is attraction to the movements of the mind, the attraction to thinking, that pulls you out of the experience of Peace, it is genuinely heroic not to continue to give those movements attention. It is the way of spiritual awakening to surrender all of the thinking mind, any concept, any belief in limitation to an experience of Divine Love.

    If you could experience, just for one moment, the profound impact you have on the whole of creation by choosing for unchanging Peace rather than thinking and ego centric experiences, you would never put your attention anywhere else again. If you knew how critical awakening from the dream of separation was for everything, making the choice for consciousness and living your true nature would be the priority.

    The Teaching of the Ishayas allows you to do exactly that. The Ascension Attitudes, the meditation tools of the Ishayas, allow you to consciously choose to let go of thinking and return attention to the perfect Silence of the present moment.  By using the Ascension Attitudes, your consciousness expands, and you bring humanity one step closer to reclaiming it's birthright as the jewel in the crown of creation. 

    Simply by surrendering random thought, feeling and action just for one second, you help to heal the world. As a by-product, life begins to flow, and you get to live in increasing Joy, increasing Peace, increasing Love, increasing Freedom. Your life becomes infused with more and more stable experiences of the presence of God. The old concept of spiritual enlightenment is replaced with vibrant consciousness, and an overwhelming spiritual reality.

     It's not that the presence of the Divine consciousness increases, for it was always full and whole and complete. But awareness of that One Truth increases as we release our grip on a separate ego identity. The Ascension Attitudes do this mechanically. Ascension, as taught by the Ishayas, is a flawless science of Self-realisation and spiritual awakening. No other meditation does it so easily, or so quickly.

    Will you?

    So, are you willing to give up the romance with thinking and discover your True Nature?

    Are you willing to use the tools that the Ishayas have brought forth once again into the world? Do you have the courage to follow in the footsteps of the true heroes and see if everything they offered us is real? With just a handful of committed souls, we will not fail in manifesting the vision that the Sages have held for humanity for aeons. Believe it or not, it is for this reason that you came into being. It is for this purpose that you were born. Enlightenment and spiritual awakening are not just an opportunity for you, they are actually the invitation of your life.

    Positions vacant…Apply within.

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