Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some frequently asked questions and their answers.

How long will it take to get results?

The results of Ascension are immediate, in terms of deep rest and a change in perspective, and continue to expand over time with regular practice. The rate of growth is different for everybody, and many people notice a significant difference during the course itself. All of this is discussed in detail in the First Sphere course. Every persons experience is different. Ascension is NOT a goal oriented practice; it is very much a way to enjoy the journey.

What about my other practices?

Ascension does not conflict with any other belief or practice, religious, spiritual or otherwise. The benefits of Ascension are equally available to all people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs.

What are some of the benefits of Ascension?

The benefits of Ascension are without limit. Our nervous systems, that is, our minds and our bodies, are impacted with the impressions of virtually every experience we have ever had. Through repetition of life experience, these impressions form patterns of limited behaviour or habits that we call “grooves”. These patterns simply amount to judgment. From the waking state perspective, it is impossible NOT to live life from these mostly subconscious patterns, and it is even considered normal. Our experience of life becomes increasingly limited when viewed through the looking glass of our judgments.


It takes a huge amount of energy to maintain this structure of belief and judgement. This energy is mirrored at the surface of our mind as a barrage of chaotic thoughts. How many of us sometimes hold our head in frustration at the incessant hammering of an out of control mind? How often do we have a clear experience of the present moment, right here, right now?


Immediately upon learning to Ascend, the nervous system begins to experience extremely deep levels of rest. Because of this rest, the stresses and habitual “grooves” that have built up throughout our lives are able to be released, restoring harmony to mind and body. Very quickly, our perspective on life begins to shift as our awareness expands to greater and greater levels with the Ascension Attitudes.


The Ascension Attitudes can also be easily used with the eyes open as we move throughout our day. This means that with no effort at all, it is possible to move towards the experience of true Peace in our work environment, home, car, anywhere at all. Very quickly the natural movement of the mind into the present moment of stillness and Peace replaces the habits of worry, fear and limited thinking.

What does Ishaya mean and who are the Ishayas?

The word Ishaya is a Sanskrit word. Sanskrit is perhaps the most ancient of all languages and stems from the region known today as India. The word Isha in Sanskrit means “Christ“, “Lord” and “Highest Consciousness“. The ending on the word, -ya, means “for” or “of“. So the word Ishaya, means “for or of the highest consciousness“, “for or of the Lord“, “for or of Christ“, etc.

The Ishayas are a group of people who have dedicated their lives to sharing this precious Teaching with all who would receive it. We have committed ourselves heart, mind, body and soul to the timeless tradition from which it springs. This is not a new religion and we are not looking for followers or devotees. We are simply doing what is necessary to reach those who would remember the Truth of who they are.

What if I don’t believe in it?

Fortunately, no belief is required. The Ascension techniques are mechanical and work whether you believe they will or not. These techniques completely bypass the surface of the mind and bring your awareness to the very Source of who you are. The benefits of Ascension are not dependant upon belief; they are a flowering from the inside out. This is a completely natural process.

What is the cost of the course?

The cost of the First Sphere Course varies from country to country.  Please check with your nearest centre to find this out.  After the weekend, you have tools that you can use for the rest of your life. The cost is a one time fee and the First Sphere can be repeated as many times as you wish anywhere in the world for free. In fact, repeating the course is highly encouraged. 

What is the Ishayas´ Ascension?

The Ishayas´ Ascension offers a series of simple, mechanical meditation techniques, collectively known as the Ascension Attitudes. These techniques are based on Praise, Gratitude and Love, and require no belief whatsoever to practice. They effortlessly draw the mind inward to ever deepening levels of experience, quickly reducing stress and expanding awareness. The word “Ascension” literally means, “To rise beyond”. In the context of the Ishayas’ teaching, this means to rise beyond the entire limiting structure of the waking state mind to a deeper and more expanded experience. The Ishayas’ techniques have the capability to eliminate stress, bring balance to life, and directly and permanently reveal the limitless nature of your own consciousness, an experience traditionally known as Enlightenment.

Where does this Teaching come from?

The Ishayas’ Teaching has its roots in both the East and the West. In the East it stems from the Vedic Tradition of India, the very tradition of Enlightenment itself. In the west it has roots in the Judeo-Christian culture of the early first century.

The Tradition itself is many thousands of years old. It stretches over oceans of time in an unbroken lineage from Teacher to student, culminating most recently with Maharishi Sadasiva Isham, (M.S.I) who began teaching Ascension publicly again in the early 1990’s. Since that time, Ascension has spread almost exclusively by word of mouth, to all corners of the globe. M.S.I´s direct students, as well as their students, continue to carry on his vision and Teaching. We have centres located in various countries, and it is from these centres that the teachers of Ascension go wherever they are invited to share Ascension with the world.

Why do I have to attend a course to learn?

As simple as Ascension is, it is a completely experiential teaching. It is important to learn from qualified teachers who can impart the techniques correctly and give experienced feedback. In this way, as you learn, you will know that you are practising Ascension correctly. For this reason, amongst others, Ascension has been shared, through the ages, from one enlivened heart to another, in person. It is not possible to learn Ascension from a book, or from any other kind of impersonal course.