how to live your practice without making it hard. an advanced ascension weekend. - bedford, uk, United Kingdom

Dato: Lørdag 23 Nov 10:00 til Søndag 24 Nov 05:00
Tider: Saturday & Sunday 10am - 5pm
Lærere: Maharati og Sanjaya
Pris: £140
Språk: English


If I was to ask you, "How's your practice going?" would you tell me all about the thoughts you've had, or the times you cannot choose, or the broken promises you've made to yourself about how much you're going to Ascend?


Or would you tell me how your life has changed?


Would you focus on life when you are NOT Ascending?


Would you invite me into your experience of life?


This practice has never been about thoughts or lack of thoughts, it's about truly living.


Join me for this deep dive weekend as we explore the possibilities that open up to us when we live the practice of Ascension. Without judgement, without trite answers, without taking ourselves seriously.


I'm really looking forward to helping you make this easy and fun.

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