international ascension day - helsinki , Finland

Dato: Søndag 20 Okt 15:00 til Søndag 20 Okt 21:00
Tider: 15:00-21:00
Lærere: Amrita, Sarani, Nirmala
Adresse: Helsinki
Telefon: 0400956439
Pris: Free
Språk: English




Lets celebrate and share by ascending together!

There will even be a videoconference with MKI!


We are very excited for this great gift for each one of os. This is a free event of celebration and gift. We will ascend together for 4 hours and we will have talks and dynamics to support further exploration in consciousness. This event takes place all around the world.




15:00                   Greetings, sharing and you may buy a technic if you wish

ca.16:00-20.         Ascending together

20:00-21:00         Videoconference with Maharishi Krishnanada (will be translated into finnish)



The address will be given to those who sign up.

Sign up by 19.10.2019

The event is free of charge.


"Life is meant to be lived in eternal Joy, Infinite freedom, unconditional love and unbounded awareness. Any other life is utterly missing the point of being born as a human." MSI (Maharishi Sadasiva Isham)

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