intention setting day - oceanside

This day is open to all Ascenders, their family and friends, and is our gift to all of you!  Come join us for an afternoon of creating your vision of the coming year, expressing thanks for all we have in a gratitude circle, sharing a wonderful vegetarian potluck dinner, followed by a burning bowl ceremony and ending with the viewing of "A Mindful Choice."  We will provide poster board, construction paper, magazines for pictures, markers, etc.  Feel free to bring any other pictures you would like to incorporate into your vision board.

212 Santa Lira Dr

Our address is: 212 Santa Lira Dr (in the Rancho San Luis Rey mobile home park), Oceanside.   Directions once you get to the intersection of El Camino Real and Mission, go N on El Camino Real to the next intersection (Los Arbolitos) where you will be making a left turn.  PLEASE NOTE:  there are TWO streets off to the left!  If you look up at the left turn signal, you will see there is a double arrow there. You want the second left - which almost feels like you are going through the intersection, but which takes you into Rancho San Luis Rey.  Okay, now you are in the park.  Go straight down that road until it ends at the clubhouse.  Turn R, and then a quick L, which takes you past the tennis courts and to a Stop sign.  Continue straight to the next Stop sign (like a half a block!) and make a R.  We are the 3rd house on the R: Blue with red brick skirting.  Please park your car in one of the designated guest parking areas, either between the two Stop signs, or just after the second one, both on the L.  Any problems, just give us a call:

801 971-6116.