first sphere course - dundas/hamilton ontario, Canada

Datum: Zaterdag 2 Nov 09:30 tot Zondag 3 Nov 16:00
Tijden: 9:30-4:30
Adres: 12 Monarch ct Dundas Ontario
Telefoon: 905 536 5656
Prijs: $395.00
Taal: English


   Meditation is such an easy way to to let go of stress and make life just a little bit better. It helps to put things into perspective and helps the mind become aware of what is, what really is. Awareness is probably the most important tool that any individual will use and develope in life. It gives way to the present moment and lets go of the past. It keeps one grounded without getting bogged down with worry about the future. For what is the future ? It is mostly unknow and if engaged it is engaged in pure speculation.

The meditation we teach is simple and easy. You can do it with the eyes open or closed. It is based around simple techniques wrapped around praise, love, gratitude and compassion. Time hounered  techniques that move one closer to realising our greatest hearts desire.

Als je je wil inschrijven voor deze cursus en je hebt nog vragen, gebruik dan het formulier hieronder.