first sphere course - cranbrook, kent, United Kingdom

Datum: Vrijdag 18 Sept 19:00 tot Zondag 20 Sept 17:00
Tijden: Saturday 10am - 500pm & Sunday 10am - 500pm
Leraren: Garuda en Kama Dayini
Contact: or
Telefoon: 07919 512187
Prijs: £360.00
Taal: English


During 'The First Sphere' you will learn four techniques called Ascension Attitudes, which are based on Praise, Gratitude and Love. They are effortless to use, yet powerful to practice. Like the thousands of people who have already learned, we are sure you will find The First Sphere course to be simple, relaxing and fun.

The First Sphere courses generally happen over a weekend; from a Friday evening to a Sunday afternoon. By the end of the course you will have everything you need for a self-sufficient practice that will enhance all areas of your life. As an added bonus, once you have completed The First Sphere course, you are welcome, and encouraged, to repeat it as often as you wish, for FREE!


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