first sphere retreat - tärnsjö utanför stockholm, Sweden

Datum: Vrijdag 18 Sept 18:30 tot Zondag 20 Sept 17:00
Tijden: Retreat
Leraren: Aja en Garuda
Adres: Liljero Retreat
Telefoon: +46706858600
Prijs: 4990 SEK (2500 SEK repeaters)
Taal: English


Join us for this expansive, experiential weekend Ascension course at Liljero Retreat. 

A time and place for you to nurture your body, mind and soul

In the beautiful, tranquil atmosphere of Liljero Retreat, you will learn the Ishayas Ascension meditation. A unique, simple and profound teaching that allows you to easily rise beyond the limiting believe patterns and chatter of the mind, into a direct experience of the present moment. You will learn how to change your relationship with thoughts, emotions and the challenges of life, giving you freedom and energy to stay present and to be your natural self.

The two and a half days will be gentle and fun and scheduled in a balanced way with morning yoga, lectures, practise and sharing’s as well as time for you to relax, socialize and to enjoy the environment and the healthy vegetarian food.

You will leave this weekend feeling relaxed, inspired and energized and ready to bring your new experience and praxis into your everyday life.

Start: Friday 18:30, September 18th 

Finish: Sunday 17:00. September 20th 

Course price: 3500 SEK (incl VAT)

Accommodation, food and morning yoga: 1490 SEK

Total price for new people: 4990 SEK

Those who have already finished the course only pay 2500 SEK in total, included accommodation, food, yoga, one new advanced technique and one hour additional teaching with Garuda (advanced, only for repeaters).   


Included in price

2 nights dormitory accommodation at Liljero Retreat (private occupancy with single/double room are availible 10 min away by car. Get in touch for more information)  

Breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegetarian). 

Ascension meditation First Sphere course, including the rights to repeat the course for free unlimited times all across the world. As well as free support from all Ishaya teachers. 

One new Ascension techniques for repeaters 

Morning yoga


Not included:

Bedsheets (can be rented for 250 SEK if booked in advanced)

Transport (see details below)



From Stockholm by car: 1,5 h. We’ve created a Facebook group where you can coordinate travelling together.

From Stockholm by public transport: Train to Uppsala (1h) and then bus to Harbo (45 min).

From Arlanda: Train to Uppsala (appr. 18 min) and then buss to Harbo (45 min) and then 15 min with taxi or car. (we will help arrange)

Als je je wil inschrijven voor deze cursus of als je nog vragen hebt, gebruik dan het formulier hieronder.