introduction talk - the ishayas ascension - stockholm, Sweden

Datum: Woensdag 20 Nov 19:00 tot Woensdag 20 Nov 20:30
Leraren: Jayatsena, Atri, Aditi
Adres: Skidskyttevägen 4 - Hägersten
Telefoon: +46736265615
Prijs: free
Taal: English


Get a free introduction to Ascension

We offer simple, effortless techniques that allow you to move beyond the chaos of the mind, into a direct experience of inner peace and happiness. These techniques are collectively called The Ishayas’ Ascension.

Ascension is for everyone who wants more out of life, for those who know that life can be lived joyfully and simply. This practice involves no belief whatsoever, meaning it will work whether you believe it will or not! It is the simple rediscovery of the magic of life, and the innocence and wonder that are your birthright.

During the introduction we talk about Ascension and what you learn during a week-end course. We will also guide you to the expericene of peace and stillness and the expansion that can be made from that.




Als je je wil inschrijven voor deze cursus of als je nog vragen hebt, gebruik dan het formulier hieronder.