two day residential - exploring the mandukya upanishad - stockholm, sweden, Sweden

Datum: Vrijdag 30 Aug 10:00 tot Zondag 1 Sept 17:15
Tijden: 10am - 5pm
Leraren: Garuda
Prijs: Prices: Course fee: SEK 2 700 ---- Food and two night accommodation at Liljero: SEK 1 500 Food and one night accommodation at Liljero: SEK 1 000
Taal: English


The Sanskrit word 'Mandukya' means 'Frog'. A Frog starts out as a tadpole swimming about in a dark and murky pond. Then it undergoes a complete transformarion and turns into a Frog. The Frog leaps out of the dark pond and is able to live on land. But, it also has the ability to jump back into the water again, completley transformed.

Much the same, we are born in limitation and live a relativley unconscious life, then through spiritual practice we transform and become aware and we are transformed. We then enter the world again, but from a totally different place of freedom.

 The Mandukya Upanishad was written thousands of years ago and takes the reader through all of the states of consciousness from waking, dreaming and sleeping to the underlying experience of Pure Awareness. This state is known as Turiya meaning ‘the Fourth’, freedom or eternal peace.

This course focuses on the exploration and discovery of this fascinating Upanishad, and through experience will bring this scripture alive for you. The Sanskrit word ‘Upanishad’ is based on the Sanskrit mantra ‘shad’ meaning to remove. We are removing our beliefs and limitations to reveal our Eternal Nature.

The Mandukya Upanishad is composed of twelve short Sanskrit Mantras which are known as Shrutis or Revelations. They are not the creation of someone’s mind, but rather living fires of Truth woven into the structures of Life.

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