Priya Ishaya
  • Hvor: Mont-ral, Spania
  • Språk: kinesisk, engelsk
  • Epost:

Ascension found me in 2003, and I’ve been teaching it since 2005.

I teach Ascension full time around the world; mostly in Spain helping with the Mastery Course.

It is one of my great passions to live a creative life through any expressions available; I love art, music, good food, and riding my motorcycle.

It is my ongoing mission to make people smile, everyday, for no reason.

我在2003年第一次接觸到揚昇,那也許是我生命中第一次真正經驗到和平。我在2005年成為合格揚昇老師,也有幸在許多國家有機會分享揚昇的課程。 這個教法是我所接觸過最簡單、喜悅、也是最快速經驗到真理的方法。它完全改變了我的生命,生活的每天都充滿魔法與驚奇。我最大的熱忱是將這個經驗分享給世界。

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