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There comes a point in life where we recognize that there is actually a different way to live. It is a knowing that the ups and downs and limitations of following the mind is not truly living. It is a knowing that Peace, Joy, Love and true freedom are not only possible but necessary. 

The Mastery Retreats offer an environment focused on this experience in a unique way, with the very best guidance to bring it to fruition in the fastest possible time.

It is the perfect environment to develop a permanent connection with the unbounded purity of the real you and to discover what it means to be truly alive


The Mastery Retreat is a truly global event. More than 400 people from all over the world attend the course. People aged 17-85 from all walks of life including doctors, artists, psychologists, musicians, teachers, accountants, healers, mechanics and more - all come to our retreat centre in Spain to dive deeper into The Bright Path teachings and techniques. You will connect with a global community of Ascenders and surely make lifelong friends.

During your time at the Mastery, you will get much-needed rest, let go of stress, experience deep peace and learn from some of the best meditation teachers in the world. All your needs are taken care of, allowing you to let go and enjoy one of the best holidays of your life. There is daily yoga and other activities, healthy food, enjoy the Spanish sunshine and Ascend without the usual demands of daily life.

For an insight into what life is like at the retreat, watch this short video:


“The Mastery Retreat has been the best experience of my life and I recommend everyone does it.”

Bestselling author Sandy Newbigging

The retreat venue, named Guayrapa, is located 800m above sea-level, in the mountain village of Mont-Ral, in North-Eastern Spain.

Guayrapa is about 12kms from the nearest town, Alcover; 25kms from Reus which has the nearest airport, serving many European destinations; 40kms from the historic city of Tarragona; and 110kms from Barcelona, which has the nearest airport for worldwide flights.

There is a purpose-built meditation/meeting room with stunning views down the valley to the sea. There is a yoga area, comfortable yurt to Ascend in, beautiful grounds, organic vegetable gardens, swimming pool, relaxation lounge and dining space. All accommodation is shared occupancy, and we have access to nearby properties to cater for families. All meals are included along with tuition, yoga and Ascension Attitudes. 

"This Teaching holds you in your perfection. It doesn't ever see you as broken. This Teaching has always been about developing a foundation in the Silence, an ongoing awareness of the Silence, the underlying reality of everything. As you rest in the Silence, what you're resting in is beyond space and time. It's endless and eternal."  




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Please note: All retreats start on the 1st of the month. 2-week retreats are from 1st to 15th of each month;  1-month retreats are from 1st to 30th of each month, except November which is 1st to 29th.

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