Sri Vidya

Somerset, United Kingdom

I first tasted ascension in 2011 and completed my Mastery of the Self in November 2018, taking my red vows the week before graduating. Christmas came early for me that year.

I have been a mind detox practitioner since 2013 and as a nurse (now retired) I have always been fascinated by stress; what causes it, how it is perceived and how people respond to it. As part of my ongoing exploration, I also work with colour for health, empowering people to intuit and respond to colour, especially in nature. Not many people feel stressed in nature unless being chased by a wasp or a tiger.

I love anything to do with colour – painting, craftwork, quilting, glass, gardening, etc., in fact anything creative. I will have a go at most things and have learnt to let go of attachment to any specific results, Consequently some of my craft work is really interesting. When I cast my semi precious stone carving into the sea for recycling in New Zealand my companion was horrified - I simply laughed at the thought of some historian trying to make sense of it when it eventually washes up on the shore.

I live in Somerset and my campervan is my second and sometime my first home.

+44 77 8099 8347