success won't make you happy, so what will? - oslo, Norway

日期: 1月14日(星期二) 18:00 到 1月14日(星期二) 20:30
教師: Maitreya
地址: Litteraturhus, Wergelandsveien 29, 0167, Oslo
電話: 46843977
費用: 75 kr
語言: English


       Maitreya, a modern day monk and author of "The Broke who Broke Free" is promoting a very ancient approach to happiness for ordinary people. In this insightful and humorous talk you will hear about his journey from stressed-out City trader to peaceful, modern day monk, whose life is not perfect but he enjoys it very much anyway. His journey included four brushes with death and stumbling across a mysterious group of monks who helped him find true contentment, with or wihtout success.

       "True freedom, happiness and contentment is real. It is found within, and it is waiting for you to decide it's worth investigating."