Advanced Ascender Afternoon

  • 地點: Melbourne, Australia - Wonga Park
  • 日期: 星期日 30 5月 13:00 - 16:00

Ascension days are an opportunity to come together with like minded people, and to close our eyes to meditate for long periods of time.
Ascending in a group can be a powerful and healing experience, an opportunity to move beyond self limiting beliefs and doubts and to experience expanded consciousness.

It is a chance to share your experience and discoveries of what has changed for you since learning to Ascend. This can enliven not only your own experience but that of everyone else in the group.
Any questions you may have about your practice of Ascension can be answered in a loving and supportive environment.

For any further information please contact
Pramendra on email or phone 0408 246 426 Sukradeva on email or phone 0424 577 714



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