international ascension day - port campbell

Come join us on International Ascension Day - Sunday October 20th to Ascend with others throughout the world.  The focus of this day is to come together as a group and Ascend.  Maharishi will then conduct a 30 minute Zoom call to share and support the day.  


Our Day will kick off in Port Campbell at 7pm with 45 minutes Ascending.

- At 7:45pm we will have a quick break & check in

- International Conference Call with Maharishi at 8:00pm. 


It is rare for so many people to Ascend together on the same day and very exciting that we get to be involved and join in on such a global event.  This is a free event, our gift to you for your commitment.  Wherever you are at with your practice is fine, whether you are regularly Ascending or not is absolutely fine.  Feel free to join us for part or all the program.

Hope to see you there 

21 McCue St

Sangita - 0417549117