1st Sphere Ascension: Beyond Meditation Course

  • Wo: Bloomington, Vereinigte Staaten - 9518 12th Avenue South Bloomington, MN 55425 (karte)
  • Wann: Freitag 25 Nov 19:00 – Sonntag 27 Nov 17:00
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First Sphere Course in Ascension;

Beyond Meditation:

In this weekend course you will learn how to detach from the minds chaos, beliefs and thought patterns which create limitations and cause separation from our natural state of grace and oneness. You will be gently guided on how to nurture the inner journey into a direct relationship to the source of peace, love and joy! The outcome is a return to our natural state of peace and grace.  Ascension goes beyond meditation   The practice consists of a closed and open eyed meditation that is based on Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion.


The Bright Path is an international organization of Ishaya Monks dedicated to the healing and awakening of humanity. We teach a simple, profound and incredibly effective practice known as Ascension.

It is an ancient practice based on

Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion:

 *  Praise – Heals our inner experience of life and returns awareness back to the present moment.

*  Gratitude – Heals the judgments about our body and the world that we live and returns the mind to its natural state of grace, inner peace and oneness with God.

*  Love – Heals our relationship to the source of love and dissolves the judgments that create feelings of unworthiness.

*  Compassion – Contains the essence of the first three attitudes and heals our relationship to self and all of humanity.

  These attitudes are the seeds for creating heaven on earth and a life in alignment with the source of all creation. When used consistently they effect all areas of one’s life and each other. The Ishayas Ascension is a universal practice that requires no belief and is taught worldwide to people from all religious backgrounds.



November 25th – 27th.,  2022


Friday: 7:00 – 9:30 PM. CT

Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 5:00 pm. CT


9518 12th. Ave S. Bloomington MN.,  55425



$100.00 deposit is required upon registration or you can pay in full. If this course is cancelled due to weather you will receive a refund. Full payment is required 1 week before weekend course.

Our Center has a high quality air purification system that eliminates 99% of the pollutants, mold, bacteria and viruses to help keep you safe while gathering. (More specificity)  HERE

    For those that live out of the Metro area we have 3 private rooms available at our center. Let us know if we can accommodate you upon registration.  If you are flying in and need a ride to and from the airport, that can also be arranged. Available rooms are first come-first served.  You can inquire upon registration about the additional cost for food and weekend stay. Feel free to contact us with any questions at the numbers listed below.


The Bright Path MN Ishayas:

Bhakti   (612) 308-7627

Draupadi (607) 329-4966

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