Weekly Ascenders Meeting

  • Wo: Melbourne, Australien
  • Wann: Mittwoch 20 Apr 20:00, 2022 – Mittwoch 31 Jul 21:00, 2024
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Do you love ascending with others but find it hard to get to a regular meeting?

Our group meets every Wednesday night from 8 – 9pm Eastern States with a 10-minute catchup/chat at the start, a 40-minute group ascension and then 10 minutes at the end to chat.

For the 40-minute ascension, you can go find yourself a comfy spot in your house and ascend or just stay seated in front of you PC, laptop, tablet or mobile. You’ll just need to stay close so that we can let you all know once the ascension time is complete. You won’t need to hang up the call and redial in, we will just be on the other end, ascending as well.

These calls are for you, so we will work together to tweak the format as we go so that everyone is getting what they need out of them.

Zoom Link:   https://CB-TBP.zoom.us/j/656509561

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