healing separation - online, United Kingdom

Dato: Torsdag 16 Jul 18:00 til Torsdag 16 Jul 18:45
Lærere: Valmiki
Epost: valmiki@thebrightpath.com
Telefon: 07508639216
Pris: FREE
Språk: English


We are all born whole - with no limitation and no lack. Babies do not separate themselves from nature like adults do. They do not perceive the “outside” world as any different from the “inside” world, nor do they have a sense of “me”. 

Because of this they live in the most amazing freedom. This is a freedom of BEING. They are whole and complete because there is no separation between them and the world. 

But the separation slowly starts to creep in. Our world, our society trains us all to differentiate not just between self and other, but between self and nature and self and the divine. Adults living in this modern, technological society are so very far from the freedom and wholeness of our babyhood. Cut off from others, cut off from nature, cut off from the divine. Isolated and alone. 

What can bring down the walls? What can restore our sense of interconnection with the world, with nature and the divine?

Come and listen to a story by Valmiki Ishaya, which tells of a Queen who discovers a hidden palace in the mountains where an elder Queen instructs her in the art of union - union of heart, mind and body - a healing which restores her whole realm to goodness and vitality. 

Valmiki has been telling intuitive stories for almost 25 years. His storytelling unlocks the hidden parts of our psyche, that have been lying dormant, waiting for the right story. 

Note: there is no need to register for this webinar, you just need to click the link below. You can also watch the replay after the event by clicking the same link. 


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