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The Ishayas' Ascension

The Ishayas’ Ascension helps you to re-discover the purpose and magic of life. Ascension means to “rise beyond”. It allows you to effortlessly rise beyond any blockages you have to living life fully.

It is not called meditation because the experience of Ascension is so much more than that.

Ascension is unique. It is powerful, practical and can be used by anyone. It is the key to unlock the majesty and beauty of what it means to be truly alive.

Just beyond the thinking mind exists a field of Infinite Peace, unlimited Joy, and unconditional Love. It is the field of pure consciousness. To access this field Is not hard. No belief is required. No effort or struggle is required. You only need to remember how to let go.

Ascension teaches us exactly that; how to truly let go. It moves us beyond the drama and conflict of the ego-mind into the unlimited potential of human existence, and a living experience of the Unity of all things.

One Degree Video Thumbnail

'One Degree Makes All the Difference'

Discover the surprising Impact of putting 1% more Attention on Now (2min).

Testimonials - Mary Bowden


United States, Hairdresser and Salon Owner

"The practice of Ascension has transformed an experience of sadness, trauma, and disillusionment, to one of appreciation and joy. This simple practice very clearly defines the basic choice between peace and pain, and in making this choice, what is revealed is extraordinary."

Testimonials - Dave Holmes


United Kingdom, Musician

"Before Ascension, I always knew that I had plenty to be grateful for, but I didn’t really experience gratitude. Now there’s an almost permanent experience of gratitude, self-acceptance and self-love."

Testimonials - Kelly


Canada, Chiropractor

"I have less fear and anxiety and feel much more secure in myself and who I AM. I have more joy and peace in my life than ever before and I thank all the Ascension teachers who have graced me with their knowledge, love and faith."

Testimonials - Kay


Australia, Retired

"Ascension changed not only my life but also my whole being. I had known true peace was within me, but hadn't found a way to access it. Ascension gave me the ability and freedom to find that peace, and to live from there."

A Mindful Choice Video Thumbnail 1

Watch 'A Mindful Choice' trailer (2:34min)

'A Mindful Choice' Documentary

A Mindful Choice is a stunning documentary that shows the powerful, positive impact Ascension has on people’s lives. Beautifully filmed, A Mindful Choice weaves together stories of individuals, groups and communities from many different parts of the world, and incredibly varied backgrounds, who have changed for the better due to the impact of this amazing teaching. This film asks the question, "Is freedom a choice that starts with you?"

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