Non-Duality – Transcending Separation

By Ishani Ishaya

You are probably familiar with watching or reading love stories. One theme is where two people separate, go through lots of experiences (good and bad, intense and light), and finally meet again, complete each other, and live happily ever after.

I would like to make another suggestion for the ultimate love story. It is not about finding someone else or anything else. It is a beautiful love story in which you experience the place of origin, where you realise there is actually nothing to complete, and there is no space even for the concept of separation.

Non-Duality 01

The belief of separation is an illusion created by the mind. The dance of opposites, light and darkness, joy and sadness, dissolves in the embrace of Unity. Here, in this sacred space, the true Being recognizes its infinite nature, untouched by the changing play of forms.

Life Can Be Lived In Endless Joy, Love And Peace

16 years ago I attended an Ishayas' class where a woman began to talk about how life could be lived in endless joy, in love, in peace. To that point, I experienced glimpses of those qualities, but only when life looked a certain way. I couldn't say that that was my life experience, regardless of what was happening, but I was intrigued enough to step onto this path of discovery.

Today, life feels like a single perfect moment without being altered by external factors. Chasing after things died down, there is no sense of needing things to change to experience completeness.


In my experience it is the ultimate love story. Having lived a life, no matter how long it has been, trying to understand, complete, pick up all the pieces with the intention of putting together a perfect life, to finally, from one moment to the next, realise that by living completely present, delivered to this moment, the idea that there are many things dissolves. 

The to-do list burns. And what remains is pure peace. A state of Unity remains, where nothing exists but this moment, which is complete and lacks nothing. There is not even an individual and a desire. There is simply perfection. There is Love.


Infinite Consciousness Is All There Is

Like the waves that rise and fall on the ocean's surface, they are not separate from the ocean itself; They are expressions of its limitless depths. We are, too, expressions of the infinite consciousness that underlies all creation.

The perfect moment where you recognise yourself as one thing and everything simultaneously. The place where there is no separation, no ideas, no concepts. The space where you remember who you are and where the true source of love is alive. An infinite and immovable source.

non-duality 03

I have heard the occasional story where there are those who suddenly recognise this as a truth. In my case, the Ishayas' Ascension brought me to live this experience. This wonderful Teaching of the One, on the path of joy and perfection. In my experience, not just a meditation technique, but the key to truly living life.

"An indivisible reality where everything is One and not even the idea of separation exists"

That night in 2008, my heart knew. He knew that what it was hearing, although it sounded like a fairy story, was true.

And it was through following that intuition that I reconnected with the greatest love, Unity, non-duality. The dissolution of form, of time and space and eternal life to love and peace.

A revelation accessible to everyone, because in this true love story everything is condensed into "One", an eternal moment, an infinite love, an immovable perfection. An indivisible reality where everything is One and not even the idea of separation exists.

non-duality 04

To experience non-duality is to awaken to the present moment, to see through the illusion of time and space, and to recognise the Divine in every breath and heartbeat. It is a return to our true nature, where love flows unconditionally, and peace reigns supreme.

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