After You Have Learned

The First Sphere course is all that you need, yet once you have learned there is a world of support and further opportunity. The Ishayas will always be available to support you so you can make the most of your practice.

Support For Life

First 6 Weeks

The First Six Weeks

The first six weeks after your First Sphere is a crucial time. In fact, the First Sphere is a six-week programme. You will be creating a new habit of Ascending daily and exploring what changes as Ascension becomes part of your everyday life.

During this period, your First Sphere teachers will stay in regular contact. This contact will include follow-up support by email, phone, videoconference, or face to face. The Bright Path App also offers a ‘six-week challenge’ which will support and encourage you to Ascend daily during this period.

Ongoing Support

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