Find the space between you and your thoughts.

If you don’t feel ready to dive into a full-on meditation practice just yet, here are some very simple (but very cool) exercises that you can play with at your leisure. Some of these exercises will help refine your awareness and change your relationship with thoughts and movements so they no longer dominate you, while others are simple practices that enhance the quality of certain areas of your life.

Peace & Presence

Watching The Mind

To experience peace, you don’t need to stop any of your thoughts or feelings or change them in any way. You don’t need to do anything but watch. By observing, you change your relationship with thoughts and other movements, so the thoughts no longer have power over you. 

This very simple exercise shows you how.

When you learn Ascension, the first thing you’ll learn is to observe the mind, allowing thoughts to come and go without fixing or changing them.

This instantly opens space between you and your thoughts, bringing a sense of calmness and peace, and allowing you to easily see the patterns of mind that might sometimes catch you out.

You can try this simple meditation exercise as often as you like. It’s especially helpful if you’re caught up in emotions or unhelpful thoughts.

By learning to observe and adding the Ascension techniques, you create a very powerful system for experiencing freedom from your mind.

Noticing Exercise

Being present is simple – you’re present whenever your attention is fully in this moment, truly noticing whatever you are experiencing. With this brief guided meditation, you’ll see how easy it can be to move your attention from transient thoughts and feelings into a pure experience of now.

You’ll also get a taste of what it means to be ‘aware’ or ‘conscious’ - that is, to see beyond the limitations of the mind into a bigger taste of this moment.

Most people see their thoughts and feelings as reality, but there’s a much bigger reality waiting to be seen. The purpose of Ascension is to open up that reality. This exercise provides a glimpse.

Try this as often as you like.

Healing Relationships

The Pink Light Technique

The Pink Light Technique is an ancient technique to heal relationships. It can be used on anyone, whether they’re close to you or no longer in your life. Its effects can be profound, for you and others. The technique should be done only once a day and takes only a few minutes

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