Why Learn Ascension?

So that you can discover inner peace, freedom, and a living experience of Oneness.

The word “Ascend” means “to rise beyond”. The Ishayas Ascension is a system that allows you to rise beyond the limiting structure of your mind. Here you discover the magic and power of life beyond those limits. It reconnects you with your natural state of Love, Harmony and Peace. You experience a clear sense of your own Divinity, and the Divinity of all things.

There are tens of thousands of people practicing Ascension around the world, and experiencing the benefits it brings. 

As we go through life, we accumulate layer upon layer of beliefs about who we are, how the world is, and what we are capable of experiencing. Some of these things are positive and help us to function as human beings. Some of these experiences however, lead to us forming beliefs and judgments that limit us.

Maybe we learn that love will eventually leave us, or there is not enough love for everyone. Maybe we formulate the belief that we are unworthy in some way, or that we need to struggle and fight to get what we desire.

Regardless of the specific content, we all develop limiting and even self-sabotaging beliefs. They filter our view of reality and define the world in which we live.

No matter what you think, your life is a product of your beliefs.

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How can you be free?

How can you be free? Even entertaining the possibility of moving beyond these structures of belief is daunting. How to identify them? And even if that were possible, how to let them go?

You can spend an almost infinite amount of time, energy and money, trying to identify and heal the limiting patterns you carry. Happily, that is not necessary.

The Ishayas' teaching of Ascension brings you to an experience of something greater than those beliefs; an experience of the limitless, silent consciousness that exists within you.  As you touch that space, the old ideas naturally lose their grip, and life automatically begins to change for the better. 

The great thing is, this space of presence and love becomes more apparent as you Ascend. It reveals itself as the one constant thing, the one thing that is real. This revelation is the dawn of true human potential, also known as self-realisation or enlightenment.

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Ascension involves a series of techniques that bring you to the Present Moment

The techniques taught by the Ishayas are called “The Ascension Attitudes”. They are extremely powerful and effective techniques of self-discovery and transformation. The techniques allow you to step into a direct experience of unity, thus ending separation. Ascension is the simplest and most effective tool that we know of that exists for this purpose.

The Ascension Attitudes are based on Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion. They use these emotional frequencies to transcend the root cause of separation and suffering.

Ascension returns your conscious attention to the present moment. It brings you to the stillness and majesty of awareness beyond thinking, and into a space of perfect peace, endless contentment and truly unconditional love. All without effort!


The Path of Return

Ascension is sometimes known as the Path of Return, because the Ascension techniques naturally, effortlessly and instantly return you to your natural state of stillness and presence.

It is also known as the Path of Joy because the techniques are easy to use, and the result is the maximum enjoyment of life.

People who practice Ascension commonly notice improvements in peace of mind, calmness, clarity, focus, creativity, relationships, health, sleep, and their overall state of contentment and happiness. Stresses, worries and fears fall away. Life becomes easier, more open and more flowing.

Yet Ascension delivers much more. Its purpose is to free you from all of the mind’s limitations, allowing you to experience your true nature and live your true purpose. This state is sometimes known as Enlightenment, or Unity Consciousness,  Samadhi, or the Peace that Passes Understanding.

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