In a recent study 97% of people who Ascend regularly reported more peace, love and joy in their lives.



During 'The First Sphere' you will learn four techniques called Ascension Attitudes, which are based on Praise, Gratitude and Love. They are effortless to use, yet powerful to practice. Like the thousands of people who have already learned, we are sure you will find The First Sphere course to be simple, relaxing and fun.

The First Sphere courses generally happen over a weekend; from a Friday evening to a Sunday afternoon. By the end of the course you will have everything you need for a self-sufficient practice that will enhance all areas of your life. As an added bonus, once you have completed The First Sphere course, you are welcome, and encouraged, to repeat it as often as you wish, for FREE!




What do I have to give up to learn Ascension?

What are some of the benefits of Ascension?

Why is Ascension taught over a weekend course?


* Introduction to The Ishayas’ Ascension

Discover what Ascension is and the invitation it offers to a completely different way of living.

* Learn the Praise Ascension Attitude

You will be able to Ascend and experience the benefits right away!

“The Praise Ascension Attitude is the most fundamental of all the techniques. It effortlessly brings your attention back to the present moment. It begins to heal your subjective, or inner, experience of life. It allows anyone, at any time to let go of the limiting habits of judgment and condemnation. It heals the belief that there is something wrong with your life.”


* The Mechanics of Ascension

How it really works and what is happening to create the experiences we have. This part of the course makes it clear that nothing can limit the power of this practice.

* Learn the Gratitude Ascension Attitude

Another tool to go beyond limitation, this time related to the physical experience.

“The Gratitude Attitude heals the beliefs and judgments we have around our relationship with our body and the world around us. How much of our time do we spend judging and criticising our body and world? Healing these beliefs opens us to a very different experience of life.”


* Learn about states of consciousness

This is what Ascension is all about! Higher states of consciousness are not only real; they are available to anyone. During this part of the weekend, you will see the potential this practice has to completely transform your experience of life.

* Learn the Love Ascension Attitude

Many people find this the most beautiful, most relaxing and impactful of all the Attitudes so far.

“The Love Attitude heals your relationship to the Source of Love. While there is still a sense of separation from Love, there is the possibility of suffering. The judgments we hold in this area create experiences of unworthiness and dissatisfaction. This technique heals all of our self-judgment and separation, ultimately leading to a love which is truly unconditional.”


* Cognition Technique

On the final day, you will receive the most powerful of all the four techniques.

“The Cognition Technique contains the essence of the first three Ascension Attitudes and ties them together into a perfect "Sphere" or group. This technique heals our relationship with the rest of humanity.”

Many people find that the final day is the most beautiful and enjoyable part of the course. There is lots of time to practice Ascending, and lots of time to explain all aspects of Ascension, as well as answer any remaining questions you may have. You will leave this course with a complete system of self-discovery; it is truly a lifelong gift to yourself. What are you waiting for?



How did Ascension affect your relationships?

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How will I find the time to Ascend regularly?

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