Meet The Ishayas

The Bright Path Ishayas are an international organization dedicated to bringing true peace and consciousness to the world. It is our mission to help as many people as possible remember the choice we all have for true peace.  We support people to move into a rich and alive experience of the infinitely abundant reality of Now.

'Ishaya' is a Sanskrit word which refers to the highest level of human consciousness, or Christ consciousness. The Ishayas are an ancient - non religious - spiritual order of monks devoted to experiencing higher states of consciousness and helping others to do the same.

We currently number over 300 qualified teachers and are based in more than 30 countries. We teach an incredibly simple yet powerfully effective system of self-discovery called Ascension. It is the very simplicity of Ascension, coupled with the fact that it involves no belief, that makes it such an effective system to release us from the mental patterns that limit us in life.

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As qualified teachers with The Bright Path, we have been through a lengthy training course which comprises hundreds of hours of Ascension practice, along with expert guidance. This means we can impart the teaching in its purity, simplicity and most importantly, from our own experience.

All of the teachers of Ascension are vowed Ishaya monks, and we take the name Ishaya in honour of the tradition from which the teaching comes. However, we are not monks as most people would define it. We live in the world as does everyone else, with homes, families, jobs and all the wonderful chaos that makes up human life!

Our commitment as Ishaya monks is to live 200% of life. This means engaging life with  passion and attention while also choosing for the profound peace that exists beyond the limitations of the mind. This enables us to deliver the teaching of Ascension from our own experience; that nothing needs to change outside to have real and abiding peace. As a result, when you learn Ascension, you will have your own adventure of discovering what it means to be truly free.

The Ishayas' Ascension is a tool to return your life to a direct experience of the infinite, creative space that exists within you; The Bright Path is a path that makes that discovery fast, easy, and enjoyable.

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