You Want World Peace? Here is Where to Begin


I am going to give you a tip.

I have already told you this but I am going to tell you again.

Your ability to live life in endless peace and joy is real, absolutely legitimate. And it is a peace and joy that you can’t understand. It is way beyond your present concept of peace and joy. It is not a pipe dream. It is real and it is your birthright. It is everyone’s birthright as a child of God.There are six and a half billion people on this planet and it is each person’s birthright to live that kind of life and it is real.



You’ve got to stop delaying your peace.

You need to stop postponing it.  You’ve got to stop putting it off. You’ve got to stop putting it outside yourself. You have to go for it.

If you do that, you are going to affect everything around you in the most amazing way. The only way that we are going to correct things, whether you and your family, you and your neighborhood or the world itself, the only way it is going to shift, the only way it is going to heal itself is through consciousness.

It is not going to heal any other way. Consciousness has to move up to a place where people make different choices and then things will change.


Trying to change the outside is not working.

There are thousands of organizations in the world that are dedicated to making this world a better place to live and although their intentions are good, they make very little progress. They care about humanity and they think this task they are involved with will help make a difference but the reality is that there is not enough time for all the organizations that exist to shift this planet by trying to fix things on the outside.

There are millions of people dedicated to trying to make this planet work and it is more chaotic now than it was ten years ago. That does not work—you have to heal yourself. The only way this planet is going to create an environment of peace is if consciousness shifts and that experience, that task, starts with each and every one of us making the change inwardly. This planet will not heal until each of us start to heal ourselves. 

The real job is an internal one and that is what our Teaching focuses on.

Your job in that, no matter what you do for a living is to lose your self, the sense of who you think you are in this sea of silence within you because we can’t heal this planet unless you are willing to heal you. In fact, the thing that attracted me to the Ishayas was because they said their tradition was based on healing the planet through healing ourselves.

When I say that it is necessary for you to heal yourself, it is not because you are broken and have to fix something—the way to heal yourself is to focus on Truth. If you were able to absolutely absorb yourself and rest in this infinite sea of peace that is already within you, your relationship with everything is healed naturally and quickly because it is your normal state. It is your true way of being and it is swift. Focusing on that the experience grows, if you focus on your stress and what needs to be fixed, that grows.

Once you start to take the mind inward into the still experience within yourself and identify with that rather than the transient thoughts that you have been a slave to your whole life, the parts of yourself you don’t love start to heal very quickly, immediately.

And you are not going to do that by reading a book or going to a seminar, it is not going to happen that way.


You have actually got to do something yourself.

For thousands of years the path inward has been called ‘The Path of Heroes.’   Buddha once said, “Mastery of the mind far exceeds mastery of war in heroism.” The great hero, the true hero, masters the mind and it is true.

And yet the implication in that is it is going to be hard and tough but I can promise you hard and tough never succeed in that path, it can’t. It has to be simple and easy and gentle. You need to have one-pointed attention and dedication to it—that is all. So find it. It is right there and your heart knows it is true. You have got to do whatever you can to find that peace that is already there. Stop spending your time out there on things.


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Maharishi Krishnananda is the Teacher of all teachers of The Bright Path. He is possibly the only spiritual teacher on earth who rides a Ducati.