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200 percent

200% - An Instruction Manual for Living Fully

By Arjuna

This book is a guide for the human condition. It is a practical, real and honest roadmap for anyone who wants to experience life to its fullest – at 200%.

200% of life is the experience of everything. It is the whole of life: 100% inner connection, peace and stability and 100% outer enjoyment, effectiveness and fulfilment. Success without contentment and peace is half a life. Being “Zen” without action or the good things of life is only half the picture. You can have both; you deserve both. You deserve to live 200% of life.

A step-by-step, “How to live fully” manual, this book gives you everything you need to cultivate the right rock solid inner foundation for the most fulfilling, and even thrilling, external existence. Light-hearted, entertaining and incredibly clear, this is the rarest of spiritual books – it doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet what it delivers is profound.

Do you want to live 200% of life?



By M.S.I.

Ascension! clearly explains the teaching of the Ishayas, the sole purpose of which is transforming life into a constant perception of the perfection within the human heart. Real expansion of consciousness occurs only through direct, personal experience.  Ascension! is an invitation to awaken to the innermost Reality of your true Self. This text also includes a description of the Ishayas' 27 Ascension Attitudes.


Chit Happens

By Narain

Chit Happens is the companion for anyone on a spiritual path, whether a beginner or more experienced. Chit is the Sanskrit word for consciousness itself. In an easy-to-read, question-and-answer format, this book is created to leave the reader not only satisfied but inspired too.

Chit Happens can enliven your desire to wake up or intensify that desire at whatever stage it is already kindled. It can answer questions you have had, whether or not you knew you had them. Chit Happens can undo many of the common spiritual concepts that, no matter how beautiful, ultimately distract the aspirant from the true goal of human life. This book will let you know that the path to freedom can be easy, swift, and joyful.



By Jaya

If you knew you had a choice to make a difference, what would you do? When people start to question the world, their lives, their achievements... Something starts to happen.

Choices weaves together five separate narratives of people of different ages and backgrounds coming to a realisation that their lives have been unfulfilled. They begin looking for something to bring them the greater happiness and purpose that they desire. This book illustrates the power of our choices. That experiencing suffering or joy can result from the choices we make, and that the decisions we make move us towards one or the other.



By M.S.I.

Enlightenment is a commentary on The Yoga Sutras of Maharshi Patanjali, which are an elegant description of the expansion of consciousness and the psychological, emotional, and physical transformations involved.

Many commentators have mistaken the sutras for steps to enlightenment, believing it necessary to renounce normal life and force the mind into silence. Nothing could be further from the truth. This translation and commentary corrects this unfortunate distortion, clearly revealing the power of the sutras to illuminate the nature of the Self and brings to light the true purpose and meaning of Patanjali’s words.


Silent Songs to God

By Garuda

Silent Songs to God shares a collection of consciousness-raising poems by meditation teacher Garuda Ishaya. Within the words is an invitation to awaken through stillness by moving through spiritual beliefs and concepts into a direct experience of God. These poems were written in an attempt to share a living experience of the wonder and awe of resting in our natural state.

‘Garuda’s words are not only to be read, but experienced, and for those open to letting the poems speak to their soul, Silent Songs of God invites us to wake up to the recognition that we are one with the still silent presence of infinite consciousness.'
S. Newbigging



By Greg Hopkinson

Boundless shares the story of a near-death experience in an avalanche that set Greg Hopkinson on a quest for happiness. He forged into the Soviet Union to make money, just as it collapsed. Ironically, the greater his business success the more he battled his inner demons. He caught a glimpse of what he’d become, and it wasn’t pretty.

As Greg stumbled out of Russia, his marriage failed and he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He soon found his soul mate but realised that he was incapable of sustaining a loving relationship. Full of despair, he committed to finding peace and love within himself, and he did the most unlikely thing – he became an Ishaya monk


The Broker Who Broke Free

By Maitreya

The Broker Who Broke Free shares the story of Maitreya, a broker in London, who had plenty of cash, friends and great prospects. Still, he knew that something was missing, that there was much more to life than he was experiencing.

After some scrapes with death on a Welsh mountain, being threatened with a gun, attacked by a gang of youths and nearly drowning, he was dragged, kicking and screaming, into a sense of meaning, peace and freedom. If you too are trying to create the perfect life to become happy, this book will turn your world upside down. You may just find that true happiness is found in the one place you have not yet looked.



By Maharani

Wake up. Coffee. Work. Stress about money. Drink. Sleep. Repeat. Sound familiar? For many, a life of mediocrity has become the norm. But author and Ishaya monk Maharani says that we don't have to live like this. In fact, there is a whole world of joy and passion at our fingertips, if we can just get off the couch, stop "half-assing" our existence and start living "whole-ass."

To teach us all how, she has released a fun, yet practical and moving book, Whole-Ass: Stop living a half-assed life and enjoy an extraordinary existence. So you can play your part in making the world a better place.

Whole-Ass shows readers how growth, accomplishment, joy, connection, and truly feeling life coursing through your veins are all habits you can develop, and live a better existence as a result. Maharani explains how being "Whole-Ass" is giving everything you got to life, while going beyond all perceived limitations, fears or doubts, rooting yourself in spirituality.

Whole-Ass helps us identify the types of beings we need to be right now to not just improve our lives, but the world around us and restore our faith in humanity in the process.

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