By Tejasa Ishaya

I want to share with you about "Awakening", and how this has been for me over the years that I have practiced the Ishaya Ascension techniques.

When I was 15 years old, I felt a giant emptiness inside of me. I felt it when I opened my eyes in the morning, when I got on the bus to go to high school. I felt it all the time,  and there was a powerful sense that there had to be something more to life, something more significant than the constant anxiety, the constant sadness, the constant disconnection that I felt.

I finally learned to meditate at 16, and one year later, I learned the Ishayas' Ascension techniques. It was as if I had awoken from a long sleep where stress, judgment and limitation in every way had dominated.

When I learned to use the Ascension Techniques, everything changed; everything became brighter. For the first time, there was awe instead of judgment; there was a sharing instead of the loneliness that chilled me to the bone.

I felt a sense of connection, discovered happiness, and it seemed like everything just made sense. I committed to dedicate my life to sharing this path.

Waking Up 02

Choose To Live The Greatest Of Lives

Now, more than twenty years later, everything is very different because I have a choice: I can choose to have the greatest of lives, and although sometimes I forget, I try to use my Ascension Techniques. Doing this helps me return to the natural flow of life. For me, that is Awakening, and it happens right now by choosing for the present moment.

Awakening is our destiny. It can only happen right Now, not in the future. The beautiful thing is that it is an eternal gift that we can all uncover and live.

To be happy, to be at Peace, to experience Inner Silence is the best thing that can happen to us. I have discovered that although sometimes I forget it, life does everything to remind me: to remind me to make Peace my priority.

We can all live awake to the love and magic that this moment IS.

Waking Up 03

Peace Is Our Natural State

Although we might doubt whether we can have this experience, resting in Inner Peace is something we all have the capacity for. It is our natural state and is something more familiar than we might believe.

It is our destiny to live in fullness, full of peace and joy, in connection with all. What I find really difficult is living stressed out, in the chaos of my mind, overthinking and worrying about everything - now that is exhausting!

Living in peace is a gift to ourselves and the world, and is a simple choice. Sometimes, we just need a little guidance to realise that.

I invite you to keep exploring and discovering: that is the most extraordinary adventure.


Waking Up 04
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