Devotion And Selfless Service

By Ambika Ishaya

How can we transfer something that belongs to the world of the intangible to the world of “real life things”? To speak of Devotion is to enter the world of the subtle, that world full of magic where the emotions that generate the noblest feelings are born.

For me, the most accurate synonym for devotion would be "Love". For if devotion is born out of recognition and veneration for something or someone who inspires us, that is love. 

But who cares what the state of Being that leads us to serve in a way in which duty has nothing to do with the recognition of others is called?

Service 02

We Serve Because Serving Is Our Natural State

The events of daily life generally drive our attention outwards. We then seek to fill a gap to feel that existence has meaning. I believe this can only be effectively achieved by taking an inner journey. This journey inevitably leads us to see ourselves as we indeed are, and that leads us to remember our nobility and grandeur.

How can we not recognise devotion and service from that space? Truth reveals itself to us through the recognition of the good in everything.

We serve firstly through being permanently anchored in peace. And then, a cluster of lights ignites and shows us the way, leading us to where our service is most valuable.

Service 03

Service Can Be As Simple As A Smile

Seemingly simple actions, such as smiling, standing by a friend, or giving a word of encouragement, can contain great power. Gentleness and kindness are always an excellent way to serve. So many little things that embroider and give meaning to our lives. The heart beats with joy at the joy of others, and life becomes enjoyable.

Supporting, giving strength to continue, accepting and giving love with purity and humility turns service into a game in which we can all participate, a game in which the intention is firm, certain, and clear to support and give.

The platform of love and faith becomes a state of consciousness where serving is natural and highly enjoyable.

Service 04

Once we learn the Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension Techniques, we can choose for peace at will, and it is from that peace that the willingness to give naturally emerges as a natural state of Being. 

I invite you to pause, leave behind the habit of looking outside, simplify your life, and attempt what you think is impossible.

Be willing to serve and give without definitions, just love without question, without control, serve and live.

I assure you that you will fill every space of your Being, and there will be no more questions or concepts, only the fullness that will give meaning to your life.

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