Guests Of Mystery

By Ahimsa Ishaya

Sitting in front of the computer (like you, perhaps, as you read these lines), I hear the song of a bird in the background. A smile, mine. The happiness of being able to listen to Life singing.

We are guests of the mystery of this moment. Not only of what it contains (the bird, the song, the happiness) but of what it is in itself: Consciousness.

Guests Of Mystery 02

Get Ready For The Greatest Adventure

In this article I would like to share with you how we can approach this experience of being alive on this planet from the perspective of being guests, how magical it is to explore the unexplored, and what an infinite and wonderful delight it is to do so.

What do I mean by being guests?

I point to the possibility of seeing ourselves as temporary visitors to this body.

One option is to see ourselves as permanent and confined tenants of this body-house. Another option is to see ourselves as its guests, like the sun that penetrates the trees in spring, the air that brings forth the sound of singing, the water that nourishes our organs when we drink it.

However, the sun changes its temperature every season, the air its intensity, and the water its taste. What if, instead of being our body-home or the elements that pass through it, something else kept us alive?

A mystery. An unexplainable something that makes us wake up every morning, and all the cells in our body regenerate at an astonishing speed. 

We all love magic. That instant when the magician is drawing the card, we don't know yet if it will be the Ace of hearts. That pause, that full attention, that timeless mystery makes us stop thinking and wandering through other times and spaces and let our being melt into the moment. 

If we were asked, it would be very plausible to think that the sense of mystery or wonder is due to the magician's skill, the fact that we are not working today, etc., even if this perception comes from an unconscious association.

What if this sense of mystery could be explorable? What if we can taste that it is the true conscious guest of all we are aware of, even our body? How can we explore it?

Mystery Is Right Here, Waiting For Your Attention

Replace mystery with the moment, consciousness. Replace it with the word that describes it most clearly for you.

You can explore that mystery by beginning to recognise the following: now, can you choose to see this moment as something unknown and unexplored?

You can continue to observe if what really gives you a spark or a sparkle of enthusiasm is to taste it, to feel it, to recognise it vividly. As opposed to the dull, boring, uneventful mental satisfaction and excitement of 'yes, aha, I am an adult and I understand this approach to mystery' - in a conceptual and empty way.

Another thing you can consider is whether by approaching the moment in this way - or even considering doing so - it awakens a sense of adventure and possibility. 

If the answer is yes, then we have a revolutionary possibility ahead of us, the following: 

What if, to feel alive, all you have to do is choose to approach this moment as something new, open yourself to savour it and let go of the all-knowing voice to live it for yourself?

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The Simplest Moments Can Reveal Wonder

I have often found myself in a state of absolute delight just watching dust floating in a beam of light, or the earth half an inch from my eyes. I'm sure you remember one or many such moments as well.

That which was watching the delight, the dust, the earth is You. It is me. It is the neighbour passing by. It is a still, open and absolute guest who witnesses that moment without judgment or comment and is in a state of uninterrupted and empty fullness and wonder.

Let go. Look at it. It is here waiting for you.

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